Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market

Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market The Era Of Buying And Holding Stocks Is Gone And Will Not Return For Some Time Now Is The Time To Learn To Target Where The Market Is Going To Be, Not Where It Has Been, So You Can Invest Successfully Financial Expert John Mauldin Makes A Powerful, Almost Irrefutable Case Regarding The Future Direction Of The Markets He Then Details A New Approach To Investing That Will Allow You To Adjust To The New Reality Of Investing You Ll Consider Options Beyond Traditional Stock Portfolios As You Learn To Choose Between The Stable And Secure Investments That Will Enable You To Profit In Turbulent Markets Buy Your Copy Of This Must Read Investment Roadmap Today.

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    A solid book on stock market cycles that complements authors such as Shiller, Graham and Hussman author of the Hussman Report and provides a good counter to bullish writers such as Jemery Siegel Stocks for the Long Run Includes great data and info graphics on investor performance and valuation cycles Convincingly argues against buy and hold index investing by showing that for 99% of investors it makes a big difference when they invest in the cycle as few people truly have an investment horizon of 30 years the min...

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    The first half of the book is ancient history now as it was written between the Dotcom bust and the Great Recession It is easy to skim through the section and confirm the belief that history does repeat itself The second half gets down to the premise of value investing ...

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    I didn t agree with some of his recommendations hedge funds, using an advisor I also didn t really take away much from the book.That being said he seemed intelligent and certainly seemed to know much than I so it s hard to rate this accurately.

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    I read this book about 2005 or so it really spoke to me regarding the abundance of enthusiasm and I have since followed Mauldin s e letters From the Frontline and out of the box and read the updates on my many plane rides Right now, he has done a 2 part revisit of this book how many analysts do you know that actual go back and discuss how well they predicted things 10 years ago Not surprisingly, he has been right...

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    Mauldin is an important thinker and provided foreshadowing insight on how to navigate the most difficult economic crisis in the past 75 years Written in 2004, Mauldin wrote, Future stock market returns are likely to be severely below those of rece...

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    Sweet book on the history of markets and some bold predictions for its time i say its time, but its actually not that long ago John Mauldin s very successful book if you read his excellent newsletters, you should pick this up

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    Important read for any investor If I had only followed some of his advise about the coming bear secular market, I would not have lost so much money when the market cratered last fall.

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