The Blood of Toulouse

The Blood of Toulouse Ebook The Blood Of Toulouse By Maurice Magre The Blood Of Toulouse Opens A Window Into A Dark, Medieval World Lit By The Holy Hellfire Of The Inquisition And Illuminated By Timeless Dreams And Desires, Making It Essential Reading For Aficionados Of The Fantastic As Well As All Those Who Would Seek To Understand This Little Known But Pivotal Turning Point In European History And The Apocalyptic Chain Of Events That Lead To The Death Of The Age Of Templars And Chivalry Itself James Bourne S English Language Translation Of Maurice Magre S Lost Cathar Masterpiece Is A Literary Event Of The First Degree This Epic Gothic Fantasy, Reminiscent Of The Very Best Of Tolkien, Mervyn Peake Or Robert E Howard, Is All The Powerful For Its Basis In Meticulously Researched Historical Fact And Magre S Intimate Knowledge Of The Landscape And Culture His Words So Richly Evoke His First Person Account Of The Last Stand Of The Cathars Is Vast, Vivid And Noble, His Incantatory Prose Poetic And Savage By Turns, His Vision And Message Uncompromising In Its Purity

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    It was by this path that our defeat crept towards us Read this book as I continue to learn the history of the Cathars Fascinating yet not widely known Pope Innocent III was far from innocent.

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    I know I m way into 13th Century Occitan history than basically everyone except the author of this book But even so, this was a great read Very poetic, very demonstrative of narrative styles of the time period, and a vivid look into the violent end of a fascinating era.

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