Ranger Daddy

Ranger Daddy Download Ranger Daddy Author Rebecca Winters Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Can He Keep Her Safe Frantic To Escape Her Dangerous Ex Husband, Gabi Rafferty Flees With Her Daughter To Yosemite And The Man She Trusts Than Anyone Ranger Jeff Thompson Can Provide A Safe Haven He S Also The Man Gabi Once Loved Still Does Only This Isn T The Time To Think About Missed Chances Not With Her Child S Life At Risk.Fourteen Years Ago, Gabi Ran To Jeff For Everything Now She Needs His Protection, And The Honor Bound Ranger Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Her And Her Daughter Safe But He S Still Carrying Around Unfinished Business And With Her Little Girl Growing So Attached To Him, Jeff Knows The Moment Has Come To Trust Gabi With The Truth.Coming Clean About The Past Is Their Only Shot At A Future Because He Can T Lose Her A Second Time

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Ranger Daddy
  • Rebecca Winters
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9780373753710

About the Author: Rebecca Winters

Rebecca Winters, an American writer and mother of four, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah When she was 17, she went to boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she learned to speak French and met girls from all over the world Upon returning to the U.S., Rebecca developed her love of languages when she earned her B.A in secondary education, history, French, and Spanish from the University of

10 thoughts on “Ranger Daddy

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    Enjoyable reunited couple romance Gabi, along with her young daughter, is on the run from her dangerous ex husband when she meets up with old love Jeff, who is now a Ranger at Yosemite National Park Jeff offers Gabi and her daughter protecti...

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    This book is part of a personal challenge to read all the books in my parents house 1.5 5Ugh Ranger Jeff Thompson came on too strong and too perfect in my opinion Kindness and perceptiveness are great qualities to have, but he s aggressively nice and nosy He keeps inserting himself into Gabi s business with good intentions, of course but it just doesn t come across as sweet or caring to me It s creepy and weird, not attractive There were also so many repetitive moments Every chapter includes a moment where Jeff thinks about the past and feels guilty about leaving Gabi all those years ago Every chapter includes a moment where Gabi feels bad for involving Jeff in her current life drama and comes up with an excuse to leave Every chapter also includes a moment where Ashley, Gabi s daughter, wants to play with Sergei the dog The same thing happens over and over in every single chapter.Finally, I didn t feel like there was any romantic chemistry between Jeff and Gabi This story is a classic case of a super chivalrous dude saving a helpless damsel in distress I s...

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    This book was a good read, but I wouldn t say it was great The hero was an everyday hardworking man who had made his money earlier in his life as a stunt motorcyclist He had a past with an ex wife but had no children It wasn t until Gabi the heroine came on the scene running from her dangerous ex husband did he Jeff, the hero realize what he was missing Gabi had a beautiful little girl and was looking for protection from her ex, when she thought of Jeff Enter hero Jeff The only thing that I didn t like was Gabi constantly trying to leave That got a little annoying I mean, Jeff was trying to do the right thing and protect her, yet she was dumb enough not to let him just do what he thought he could do to help her I also didn t like that they didn t seem to have any heat between them to build up to a intimate scene after they were married Instead, they weren t intimate until...

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    Gabi s ex signed away all rights to their daughter when he found out Gabi was pregnant Now, he s back and looking for them Gabi recently saw her high school sweetheart in the paper, and goes to him as a way to keep from being foundbut their unrequited love still has some sparks view spoiler I really wanted to rate this one higher, but Gabi was a little too wishy washy for me She finds Jeff, and then can t get away from him fast enough She doesn t under...

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    Rebecca Winters is one of my favorite romance authors She doesn t have to use gratuitous sex to tell a good story Lately, though, many of her books sound very much alike Ranger Daddy breaks out of that cycle It still has her signature style, though.

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