John Wilkes Booth: A Sister's Memoir

John Wilkes Booth: A Sister's Memoir PDF Epub John Wilkes Booth A Sister S Memoir Author Asia Booth Clarke Since It Was First Published In 1938, Asia Booth Clarke S Memoir Of Her Brother John Wilkes Booth Has Been Recognized As The Single Most Important Document Available For Understanding The Personality Of The Assassin Of President Abraham Lincoln Clarke, A Poet And Author Of Two Other Volumes Of Biography Of Her Celebrated Actor Family Members, Wrote This Reminiscence In 1874 When Lincoln S Murder And Her Brother S Ensuing Death At The Hands Of Federal Soldiers Were Still Painfully Fresh In Her Mind She Hoped At Some Point To See The Work Published Yet She Felt Compelled To Keep It Secret Because It Might Enrage Her Husband, A Professional Comedian Whose Anger At His Own Arrest In 1865 On Suspicion Of Association With Booth Had Threatened Their Marriage At Her Death In 1888 The Manuscript Passed To Friends A Half Century Later Her Heirs Felt The Public Was Receptive To Such An Intimate View Of The Most Famous Assassin In American History This Edition Includes The First Biographical Appreciation Of The Talented Asia And Corrects Deficiencies In Earlier Prints Of The Memoir Also, Published For The First Time, Are Family Letters About The Assassination, A Chronology Of Booth S Life, And A Family Genealogy Asia S Memoir Is An Indispensable Resource For Perceiving The Complexities Of Her Ill Fated Brother Indeed, As Has Been Said, She Turns On The Light In The Booth Family Living Room Certainly No Outsider Would Give Such Insights Into The Turbulent Booth S Childhood Or Share Such Unique Personal Knowledge Of The Gifted Actor Asia Portrays Him As A Enigmatic Figure, At Once Gentle And Romantic While Passionate And Fanatical She Writes With A Sister S Affection And Even With Indulgence, But She Mingles These With Horror As She Confronts The Calamitous Aftermath The Assassination Brought To Booth And To His Family.

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    I suppose if anyone was in a position to give the other side of the story to John Wilkes Booth s character, it would be his sister Asia They were close in age and romped around the Booth Maryland farm together while the older sibs were off getting married or traipsing around the country on a long path to theatrical fame, prying the bottle out of dad s hand between acts while barnstorming in shitty mining towns and along the Mississippi poor Edwin So Dad, think you could be sane sober once we hit Frisco I m beat And despite being biased by a sister s love, her portrayal of John Wilkes as a child and young man is endearing and plausible Even criminals loved their favorite pet and had sweethearts They ve got their typical, normal human foibles that immense crimes like assassination tend to overwhelm Who knows, maybe the Fall of Richmond really did push Wilkes over the edge into that rash act to save the South I guess he meant well, but it was a really dumbass stunt But for him, Reconstruction might not have been so vicious and punitive Whoopsies Sorry about that, guys But I killed him with such pizzaz And broke my leg, too Ow Even though Asia s reminiscence is full of casual racism those darkies love their sweets, and they re never serious about anything , the circumstances under which she wrote it are pretty damn sad After the assassination, the family went into a bunker mentality justifiably.Edwin burned whatever...

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    This was a hard book to read and not one to read in a single sitting.Asia Booth, John Wilkes Booth s sister, is not a professional writer and her memoir did not benefit from the help of a professional editor As such, the writing is essentially free flow thought of a loving sister reflecting upon her brother whose name has become cursed in both the north and south.The tone of the book did not bother me Asia wants others to see the humanity of her brother, not the monster that people understand him to be She tells stories about him growing up and evolving as an actor John Wilkes Booth and his brother Edwin were notable actors.While Edwin Booth is still remembered as one of the greatest actors America ever produced, John was similarly admired for his acting career Had he not assassinated Lincoln, he would have been remembered in Thesbian circles as one of the greatest actors of his age.Asia talks about this and shares these stories which other reviewers seem to take as too positive for the killer he became But how else do you think a sister would remember her brother For the vile thing he did, or with positive stories she recollected.The book is interesting and does help to round out Booth s background, but it has to be taken for what it is a sister s love.The memoir itself could have used some serious organizational and structural help The lack of breaks chapters makes it very difficult to digest There are no sections to help understand t...

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    I am using this book title to represent the time I listened to the Podcast, 1865 Written by Steven Michael Walters and Eric Archilla, a 16 episode podcast I downloaded from It was so good A continuation of the play they wrote, Booth, that was performed at Second Thought Theater in 2012, 1865 explores reconstruction in the country and focus...

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    Professor Alford s Introduction to this edition warns the reader of this most unpleasant memoir Modern readers will wince at her insulting racial language and the assumptions behind it Others will be offended by her ethnic and class prejudices Still others will wonder at her occasionally awkward phrases Professor Alford nails it This book will make you squirm, even if you re accustomed to placing hatefu...

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    John Wilkes Booth A Sister s Memoir by Asia Booth ClarkeThis book which really has no title the editor, Terry Alford, supplied one is the best guide to the inner life of John Wilkes Booth, yet it was only published in 1938 Asia s family discovered the manuscript in 1888, realized a sympathetic portrayal of John Wilkes was too radical for America, and waited 50 years.I love Asia s name, chosen by her occasionally mad, occasionally alcoholic father, the famous actor Junius Brutus Booth, Sr who was inclined to name her Ayesha, in recollection of one of Mahomet s wives Junius died on a Mississippi River steamboat in November of 1852 Asia and John Wilkes lived on a farm in rural Maryland, with their helpless mother They had slaves, but little money.What a delightful companion young John was How adoring a brother If only he had stayed a child forever This is the theme of the memoir Of course, John Wilkes tried to stay young forever, by becoming an actor, but mysteriously lost interest at the top of his career, quitting to speculate in oil wells Here is a section of the work, chosen at random I looked out from the bushes to see Wilkes returning on Cola He came...

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    This book was a struggle for me to read Not because it praised the man who killed my first love No, it was a challenge because of its nonsequitor style Asia wrote it as a diary entry of explanation of who her brother was The writing s stream of conscious style, the jumping from topic to topic without any relevancy as it jumped, created a constant barrage of ideas that the reader in this case myself had to put together.This on top of the lack of explanation of people, concepts ideas that would be foreign to those who would receive the text when she intended it published added difficulty in creating a reading rhythm.Of course it abounds with the concept that JWB is merely a misunderstood soul he truly was a good man who driven to such horrors Like many of us, Asia finds the utmost positive qualities to share over embelishes them while downplaying those negative qualities of the dead.Those who care to know about the assassin of Lincoln should read this if for ...

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    I gave it three stars not because it was a bad book but because I m fairly certain Asia gave us a very colored version of John s life She isn t the best person to be impartial However, that s why I wanted to read it I wanted to know how Asia saw him I wasn t disappointed.

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    Although there is some interesting history and it is interesting to learn about Booth from his family s perspective, over all I did not like this book It was short and a quick read but would not be high on my list of books to recommend to others.

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    I found this an interesting book, but also had trouble reading it I don t know if it was the content or my mood Those interested in history as I am would probably enjoy it it was interesting to learn about the Booth family and also to read the family letters.

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    John s sister Asia Booth Clarke wrote a book after her brother was killed It gives a little history into her brothers childhood, and a first hand account of life in the 1800 s

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