False Prophet

False Prophet Epub False Prophet Author Jeffrey Rasley Oknalubliniec.eu False Prophet Is A Rant Against The Unfairness Of The Legal System It S Also The Story Of Love Lost And Found, Murder, Conspiracy And Political Intrigue Attorney Jack Ross Loses His Soul And His Wife He Finds Redemption By Litigating The Case Of An African American Preacher And Prophet Jack S Existential Crisis Almost Overwhelms Him He Is Disgusted By The Law, His Partner Is An Alcoholic, And His Wife Demands They Have A Baby And Then Leaves Him But Jack Is A Fighter With The Help Of An Arm Breaking Buddy And A Hot Young Reporter, Jack Sets Out To Right The Wrongs Done To His Prophet Client.

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    False Prophet, a LegalThrillerBy Jeff RasleyThis gripping legal thriller offers an insight into the workings of the legal profession while abounding in action, class action, intrigue, and passion The main character is former corporate attorney, Jack Ross, who is trying to make it in private practice in Indianapolis, Indiana, a somewhat conservative Midwestern town which suffers from some of the same inner city problems of its sophisticated neighbors to the north Jack and his partner and loyal secretary are having trouble paying the bills, when an impressive black minister from a blighted neighborhood walks in and offers them a chance to redeem their firm and themselves, financially and spiritually When they decide to take his case and help him build the church of his dreams, they must deal with threats from their former partners at the large and powerful corporate law firm, better known as the bastards at Barry and Rehab They also must contend with the reverend s congregation and the residents of the hood , a libelous article in the local paper, corrupt city officials,and unscrupulous real estate developers If that were not enough, Jack is going through marital problems and fears losing the love of his life, Diane, becau...

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    False Prophet, A Legal Thriller By Jeff RasleyFalse Prophet is an exciting story that pits the unwavering faith of a deeply spiritual pastor against forces of corrupt politicians, unscrupulous corporate leaders, and manipulative attorneys Rev Hosea Brown refuses to compromise his integrity despite seemly insurmountable obstacles caused by those in positions of authority in the community His faith is tested to the brink when his family falls prey to criminals Rev Brown seeks legal assistance from Jack Ross, a disillusioned attorney struggling with his own internal battles of family, finances, and faith False Prophet has many unexpected twists that keep the reader engaged.The author, Jeff Rasley s experience as an Indianapolis attorney gives him a unique perspective as an insider to the judicial system of Indiana He brings the characters to life with realistic descriptions of Indianapolis, Indiana The story explores Midwest conservative political values, inner city deterioration, white flight, racial biases, corporate greed, and unethical lawyers The writer reve...

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    Jeff Rasley, AB 75AuthorFrom the author False Prophet, a Legal Thriller is a gritty insider s confession and rant against the corruption of our legal system The author practiced law in Indianapolis for 30 years Jack Ross loses his soul but finds redemption representing an evangelical African American preacher Jack s downward spiral begins with his idealistic but doomed defense of his best friend and colleague It becomes an existential crisis His wife leaves His partner is in alcohol rehab Jack s struggle to reclaim his professional standing self respect is aided by a petty criminal and a hot young reporter Jack sets out to right the wrongs done to his Christian prophet client The pursuit of justice turns up political conspiracy, real estate fraud, kidnapping, and murder A high price is paid for the truth False Prophet reveals the seamy underside of local politics and the legal system in Indianapolis But it...

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