The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories

The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories KINDLE The Thing On The Doorstep And Other Weird Stories By H.P Lovecraft This Book Contains Weirdly Creepy And Unnerving Tales To Unsettle Any Reader Lovecraft Reinvented The Horror Genre In The Twentieth Century, Discarding Ghosts And Witches And Instead Envisioning Mankind As A Tiny Outpost Of Dwindling Sanity In A Chaotic And Malevolent Universe.

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    Like the other two Joshi Lovecraft anthologies, this collection is helpfully annotated, expertly introduced, and includes pieces Lovecraft wrote throughout his career The two earliest The Tomb and Beyond the Wall of Sleep are crude, but characteristic of their author in the way they assume that true horror is born from the human mind s capacity for transcending space and time and the possibility that entities from beyond space and time can take advantage of this human capacity The two Dunsanian imitations The White Ship and The Quest of Iranon each have a distinctive Lovecraftian touch The Music of Eric Zann and Pickman s Model are both masterpieces of Lovecraft s early maturity, short in length and economical in their effects By far the worst piece of writing included in this volume is Under the Pyramids, a fantastic first person narrative ghost written for Harry Houdini the prose is so overwrought it often seems like parody, but good parody is far amusing than this is The anthology ends with three of the authors most effective works The Dunwich Horror a powerful long short story marred by a conventional ending which dissipates that true horror of Wilbur Whateley s death and the revelation of his alien nature , The Case of Charles Dexter Ward a flawed but memorable novel which combines a Lovecraft like protagonist with a Hawthorneian gothic atmosphere and a host of subterranean horrors , and The Mountains of Madness an impressionistic and abstract sho...

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    Lovecraft is most definitely one of the BEST b

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    You don t get any points for treating pulp as serious literature, especially not with Lovecraft And even if you did, disputations about genre are not a hill that anyone should want to die on That being said I want to shout at the clouds about science fiction horror for a minute Fans of the lowbrow often come off as defensive, ensconced in a slightly delusional persecution complex these days, there are far defenders of popular art forms than there are snobs pillorying them So this is not another bellicose salvo in a tedious irrelevant debate, I d just like to make some observations about the mechanics of the books themselves I think the question of genre is one of the interesting endemic to Lovecraft s work and legacy And I think it has become vexed in recent times The gothic is the pulp arm of romanticism Lovecraft s own genre, the Weird, is the pulp arm of modernism and of surrealism to whatever extent it has a separate identity , but it is not modern or anti modern so much as metamodern Both the modernist genre products meant for mass con...

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    This is a good introduction to Lovecraft s stories if you haven t read any.

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    This book contains some of the best short stories I ve ever read, despite a few of them feeling unfinished One of the best is The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, the story of a man seeking out the truth about his great great great grandfather, and the terrible secrets that he uncovered in this search.My favorite story of all, though, is At the Mountains of Madness. Lovecraft masterfully built suspense page after page until the reader feels overwhelmed by the horrible realities that a...

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    This review refers to the penguin horror edition.About the AuthorLovecraft is considered by many as a great 20th century horror story writer Stephen King considers him the single largest influence on his writing And the Mexican Director Guillermo del Toro, of Pan s Labyrinth fame, considers Lovecraft his favorite writer of all Even the Argentine fabulist Jorge Borges was influenced by Lovecraft Howard Phillips Lovecraft 1890 1937 was born in Providence, Rhode Island He was an only child born to a jewelry salesman His father and mother would later both, separately, be committed to a mental institution Lovecraft was precocious as a child, writing poems from the age of six He was also a voracious reader, especially of chemistry and astronomy, although he struggled with the requisite mathematics Because of nervous ill health, he left high school without a diploma and spent his years as a recluse with his overprotective mother until her death He published his first story The Alchemist in 1916 in United Amateur, when he was 26.In 1921, his mother died, which devastated him At age 34, he left for New York in 1924 to marry Sonia Greene, a Russian Jewish immigrant Around that time, he became a star writer for the pulp magaz...

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    Would have been 2 stars if I just took my average rating of the five stories included in this collection.But a short story collection should have at least one story I enjoy reading And this didn t.In the end I really had to fight through this book, which clearly means 1 star for me.The collection I ve read in German contains the following stories Das Ding auf der Schwelle The Thing on the Doorstep Der Au enseiter...

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    I rarely rate short story collections higher than 3 stars but this was brilliant There wasn t a single story in this collection that I didn t like Obviously, some were better than others and some were a bit long and waffling, with others a bit short for my liking and feeling underdeveloped but most were fabulous Lovecraft certainly knows how to write a monster I liked that there were recurring themes within the stories and Lovecraft s whole invented mythology of the Old Ones was amazing and creepy The nods to Edgar Allen Poe were nice too.I think my favourite stories in this collection were The Dunwich Horror, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and Under the Pyramids

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    This took me a little longer than I thought I love Lovecraft and like the majority of theses stories, but I found this one longer than the other collection I ve read The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories There was one story called The Case of Charles Dexter Ward that I thought went on a little too long, but I still enjoyed it, but maybe my least favorite in the book That story was about 100 pages too long My two favorite stories in this were Beyond the Wall of Sleep and Under the Pyramids I found it kind of neat Lovecraft ghost wrote a story for Harry Houdini I still think Lovecraft is one of if not the best horror write...

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    Lovecraft is odd Freaking nuts Psychadelic.But holy crap can he write good stories Not gonna lie, if you don t like the paranormal, bending reality, Tim Buron Stephen King style, Lovecraft might be hard to enjoy But he s so worth a try He s the original master of thriller, horror, and supernatural suspense All of his stories are intense, suspenseful, unique thrillers You might not scream or be afraid of the dark after each one, but you ll definitely get that mental chill when he reveals that that one man wasn t who you thought, or the music was playing by itself all along, or maybe the main character was the crazy one, and all you can say is, Whhhaaaaaaatttt Lovecraft has such skill with piling plot, climax, tension, and character into each short story You may not love each character, but you grow immensely attached to them they are your guide through whatever universe Lovecraft has placed them in No story is alike.Pretty much, if you like Supernatur...

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