Burlesques The Gabion Was Ours After Two Hours Fighting We Were In Possession Of The First Embrasure, And Made Ourselves As Comfortable As Circumstances Would Admit Jack Delamere, Tom Delancy, Jerry Blake, The Doctor, And Myself, Sat Down Under A Pontoon, And Our Servants Laid Out A Hasty Supper On A Tumbrel Though Cambaceres Had Escaped Me So Provokingly After I Cut Him Down, His Spoils Were Mine A Cold Fowl And A Bologna Sausage Were Found In The Marshal S Holsters And In The Haversack Of A French Private Who Lay A Corpse On The Glacis, We Found A Loaf Of Bread, His Three Days Ration.

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    A bit of a mixed bag Two of the pieces I quite enjoyed, one was tolerable, and the other two bored me A Legend of the Rhine was the best piece in the book on the grounds that it was enjoyable and yet short and easy to read Jeames s Diary was also enjoyable, but being written in a phonetic manner it made it slow work to read The Adventures of Major Gahagan had some good moments but overall didn t really engage me And the Novels by Eminent Hands and History of the Next French Revolution didn A bit of a mixed bag Two of the ...

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