Gulliver's Travels / Les Particules élémentaires

Gulliver's Travels / Les Particules élémentaires Reading Gulliver S Travels Les Particules L Mentaires By Michel Houellebecq 2 Classic Books For The Price Of 1 Vintage Satire Is A Limited Edition Gift Pack Which Consists Of Beautifully Designed Separate Volumes Of Gulliver S Travels By Jonathan Swift And Michel Houellebecq S Controversial Bestseller Atomised.Vintage Satire Is Just One Of Ten Vintage Classic Twins To Collect Each Twin Consists Of Two Books A Specially Designed Limited Edition Of One Modern Classic Title And One Established Classic Work The Books In Each Pair Have Been Carefully Selected To Provide A Thought Provoking Combination Gulliver S Travels In The Course Of His Famous Travels, Gulliver Is Captured By Miniature People Who Wage War On Each Other Because Of Religious Disagreement Over How To Crack Eggs, Is Sexually Assaulted By Giants, Visits A Floating Island, And Decides That The Society Of Horses Is Better Than That Of His Fellow Man Swift S Tough, Filthy And Incisive Satire Has Much To Say About The State Of The World Today And Is Presented Here In Its Unexpurgated Entirety Atomised Half Brothers Michel And Bruno Have A Mother In Common But Little Else Michel Is A Molecular Biologist, A Thinker And Idealist, A Man With No Erotic Life To Speak Of And Little In The Way Of Human Society Bruno, By Contrast, Is A Libertine, Though In Theory Than In Practice, His Endless Lust Is All Too Rarely Reciprocated Both Are Symptomatic Members Of Our Atomised Society, Where Religion Has Given Way To Shallow New Age Philosophies And Love To Meaningless Sexual Connections A Dissection Of Modern Lives And Loves, It Is By Turns Funny, Acid, Infuriating, Didactic, Touching And Visceral.

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    An insightful and very individual novel from French writer Michel Houllebeq who melds advanced genetics with the hippie movement to create a book which is much bigger in scope than you realise.Tracking the mis fortunes of a pair of half brothers growing up in late 20th century France we see how love, society, companionship and relationships can shape people s views of the world and lead to revolution in its truest sense.So extreme are the characters that at times it can be difficult to identify with either of the brothers, but through their interactions with sub characters you slowly come to understand their different plights.Other than that though it was an interesting read which has rekindled my interest in philosophy and which delivers a quite ...

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    For Atomised A lesser Milan Kundera that incorporates science rather than faux psychology.

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    Decided to give this two stars about half way through, settled on one star after the hilarious extinction of mankind ending Completely unimaginative 400 pages consisting of disjointed and uninspired wikipedia descriptions of scientific theories, tired, moralising post 68 generation state of the nation whines about abortion the pill sexual s breakdown of the family, and faux explicit sex scenes that would...

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    A captivating read from start to finish I have rarely been so enthralled by a book, let alone a book that is so unique and unflinchingly original There s so much to this book it deserves another read soon.

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    Re Atomised

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    Re Atomised.

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    Read Atomised not other, quite sexual in content, good book Bit heavy in places.

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    Rating is for atomised.

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    I read Atomised Bleak view of society today

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