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Books Do Furnish a RoomThe Tenth Novel In Anthony Powell S Brilliant Twelve Novel Sequence, A Dance To The Music Of Time.Discover The Extraordinary Life Of Anthony Powell Captured By Acclaimed Biographer Hilary Spurling In Anthony Powell Dancing To The Music Of Time Available Now In Hardback And Ebook From Hamish Hamilton.

About the Author: Anthony Powell

Anthony Dymoke Powell CH, CBE was an English novelist best known for his twelve volume work A Dance to the Music of Time, published between 1951 and 1975.Powell s major work has remained in print continuously and has been the subject of TV and radio dramatisations In 2008, The Times newspaper named Powell among their list of The 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

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    The war is over and those who survived try to readjust to peace Books Do Furnish a Room turns around literature and books And, of course, it turns around writers.A novelist writes what he is That s equally true of mediaeval romances or journeys to the moon If he put down on paper the considerations usually suggested, he wouldn t be a novelist or rather he d be one of the fifty thousand tenth rate ones who crawl the literary scene.But first of all the writers are human beings they have their habits and preferences, and they want to live and love.And surely Anthony Powell doesn t forget critics and presumably his personal experience makes him quite sarcastic How one envies the rich quality of a reviewer s life All the things to which those Fleet Street Jesuses feel superior Their universal knowledge, exquisite taste, idyllic loves, happy married life, optimism, scholarship, knowledge of the true meaning of life, freedom from sexual temptation, simpl...

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    Nick Jenkins has the postwar blues He finds himself after demobilisation adrift in a city dominated by ruined, abandoned houses, reflecting an inner emptiness that somehow has to be filled with something The title suggests books as a solution, art in general The actual source of the quote in the text is slightly different, with of a sexual connotation, a subtle reminder that we also need a sense of humour, especially in troubled times Borage an excellent spirit to repress the fuliginous vapour of dusky melancholie Francis Bacon and hellebore what doesn t kills you makes you stronger might also come in handy, at least according to one of Nick s favorite authors, Robert Burton Borage and Hellebore is also the title of the academic study Nick Jenkins is currently 1946 writing about Robert Burton and his Anatomy of Melancholy magnum opus The title page showed not only Burton s own portrait in ruff and skull cap, but also figures illustrative of his theme love madness hypochondriasis religious melancholy The emblems of Jealousy and Solitude were there too, together...

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    Imagination must, of course, select and arrange reality, but it must be for imaginative ends all too often the role of imagination in this sequence is to funny up events and people whose only significance is that Powell has experienced them Philip Larkins, in a review of Books Do Furnish a Room Anthony Powell s 10th book in his Dance to the Music of Time cycle starts with a discussion of Robert Burton s The Anatomy of Melancholy and this book and themes of melancholy and love reappear frequently throughout the novel The central plot thrust of book 10, or the first book of the final season October if you will centers on X Trapnel a novelist loosely based on Julian McLaren Ross a writer described by his biographer as mediocre caretaker of his own immense talent This novel is the first of the post WWII novels It takes place in the years immediately after WWII when England is dealing with the social and economic turmoil of the Post war years Powell describes these changes by describing how the sea and tides will roll certain things back, lose certain things, and propel new things onto shore I m obviously paraphrasing because it is late and I haven t the energy right now to find the damn quote Anyway, it was an interesting brick in this series, not my favorite, but rewarding for some of its dialogue and plot twists An amazingly rich work that I m almost done with myself I ve got two hundred pages left in the...

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    The years immediately after the war are full of changes for the ones who survived, and a new generation is in the wings England must have been a sad, gloomy place at that time, with little work to be had, and destruction all over London This is 10 in the 12 volume series.

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    Books Do Furnish a Room 1971 is the tenth of Anthony Powell s twelve novel sequence A Dance to the Music of TimeBooks Do Furnish a Room follows straight on from the preceding trio of war volumes The Valley of Bones 1964 , The Soldier s Art 1966 , and The Military Philosophers 1968 and takes place in the immediate post war period of 1946 and 1947 It is strange, and informative, to read an evocation of the atmosphere of post war austerity in England, a period that doesn t appear to feature too often in literature in contrast to the pre War years and the war itself As the title suggests, Books Do Furnish a Room is about publishing, and specifically the publishers, Quiggins and Craggs, including their new literary magazine Fission which Nick Jenkins joins Plenty of pre war characters reappear, along with a younger bohemian crowd most notably the up and coming novelist X Trapnel famously based upon a literary hero of mine Julian Maclaren Ross From what I know of Julian Maclaren Ross, X Trapnel appears to be a fairly faithful rendition of his personality, and his...

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    In the new year, without further compromise, Dickensian winter set in Snow fell, east winds blew, pipes froze, the water main located next door in a house bombed out and long deserted passed beyond insulation or control the public supply of electricity broke down Baths became a fabled luxury of the past. or, if you prefer,Takes place winter 45 46 to late autumn 47 Somewhere in here Nick Jenkins has probably entered his fifth decade.Book published 1971 Anthony Powell was 65 years old.The main characters by roughly the number of pages they are referenced on with new characters in bold Widmerpool, X Francis Xavier Trapnel, Pamela Flitton, Lindsay Books do furnish a room Bagshaw, J.G Quiggin, Viscount Erridge, Sillers Sillery, Gypsy Jones, Roddy Cutts, Leonard Short, Howard Craggs, Ada Leintwardine and with a tip of the hat to Robert Burton, the 17th century writer of The Anatomy of Melancholy.One thing I noted when making this list is that, whereas in the preceding books set during the War, a list mentioning characters who had fifteen or pages in the novel circumscribed a cast of about ten But in Books Do Furnish a Room that 15 page level of engagement would require a playbill mentioning almost twice as large a cast.This larger cast, though not surprising given the situation of the war na...

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    I really enjoyed this, especially the strong characterisation, the bookish themes and explorations of the late 1940s publishing industry.

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    Great stuff once again The Dance continues as peace returns following World War II Many of the same players appear once again, and a few new ones are introduced to keep things lively The formidable Pamela makes a number of appearances, and I treasured a wond...

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    As we get older, our stories increasingly become, not about us, but about other people Here, in the first volume of Winter, Nick begins his transformation into Someone Who Knew X Trapnel Personally He hasn t yet seen tha...

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    Books Do Furnish a Room by Anthony PowellThe Second World War is over by the time we enter the world of this tenth novel of A Dance to the Music of Time When you start a series which will go on for twelve installments you wonder if the author will keep up with the intrigue, the suspense or if the plot will lose intensity and you will eventually get bored At least I did And there have been some moments when I was reading novel number six, I guess, when it seemed that interest was not at the level of the first two marvelous novels in this extraordinary masterpiece.Books Do Furnish a Room brought back, if ever lost, an acute sense of humor an extraordinary capacity to paint an immense fresco, of the size of the Monet late work in the Orangerie, I think.It is at times beyond my power of concentration or memory size to remember the relationships and the exact place of some characters, which may sound natural, considering that we may be dealing with over one hundred roles in this gigantic play of human spirit, not unlike La Comedie Humaine.We are even introduced to a new character, named X by his lover, the intriguing, attractive and strange Mrs Widmerpool Pamela is at the center of a scene taking place at a funeral I will avoid naming the people who die, partly because I can t recall them all, except for Stringham and Peter Templer and in part to avoid disc...

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