Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally Responsive Teaching A Case For Using Culturally Responsive Teaching To Improve The Performance Of Underachieving Minority Pupils Insights From Theory, Research And Classroom Practice Show That Minority Pupils Perform Better When Teaching Is Filtered Through Their Own Cultural Experiences And Frames Of Reference.

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    I purchased this book for a class I discovered that the majority of the information I have already been exposed to in my ESL English as a Second Language instruction classes A new thing I enjoyed was an example of how to teach fractions, by having students stand in a circle and become parts, such as 8 kids to demonstrate fractions with 3 8, etc I will probably add holding colored paper for my really beginning English learners as something they can readilly see when we don t share a language I purchased this book for a class I discovered that the majority of the informa...

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    This book is fantastic I would recommend it to anyone involved in any aspect of education particularly in areas where there is a diverse student population Being culturally responsible cannot only happen in the classroom It has to happen at all levels of education from office staff to strategic planning to residence halls I think this is one area that Gay could go on to explore.Importantly, even though Gay focuses mostly on working with racially diverse students, I think a lot of what she This book is fantastic I would recommend it to anyone involved in any aspect of educat...

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    Lots of reading for work lately This was useful but rather dry I d say you can tell that by the cover but my mother would disapprove If multicultural education, both in content and audience, is interesting to you, start with the first chapter and then skip to the last two Those are the chapters withperson...

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    This book is absolutely incredible It is very well researched and gives very useful tools for responding to all of the cultures that exist in the classroom I highly recommend it to teachers I couldn t stop highlighting I will be posting a longer review later, but I needed to get my thoughts down.

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    I read this book for my Multiculturalism in Education class No doubt about it, the writers of this book know what they re talking about and are leading researchers on the topic but it is kind of boring.

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    read the first four chapters I drowned in books like this this summer.

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    A scholarly look at culturally responsive teaching Gay nails it on the head, and provides insights to the practice.

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    Interesting academic read for someone completely out of the field.As an outsider, had hoped forpractical application though.

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    Used this book while I was writing a dissertation on bilingual education I enjoyed it a lot Good information about how teachers can be culturally responsive to their students.

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