Kamakwie Kathleen Martin Spent Several Weeks In The Tiny Village Of Kamakwie In The Interior Of Sierra Leone, Where She Worked With A Canadian Medical Team Staying In The Grounds Of The Community Hospital, Kathleen Had The Opportunity To Meet With The People Of The Village The Experience Was A Revelation Her Mission Was To Talk To People About Their Lives, Aspirations And Their

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    An excellent chronicle of several weeks the author spent in a Sierra Leone village She offers a wonderfully intimate portrait of the people who live there their hardships, their hopes and ambitions, and their psychological and physical scars from civil ...

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    A good introduction to some of the challenges of living in Sierre Leone after the civil war Wonderful work they are doing, but I couldn t help but be a little dismayed by the sense of the Canadians coming to the rescue of the people of Sierre Leone, not a true partnership.

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    I highly recommend this incredible nonfiction narrative published by Red Deer Press.

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