The Final Diagnosis

The Final Diagnosis Librarian S Note An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereAll The Drama, Color And Explosive Action Of Hotel The Whole Fascinating Story Of A Great Hospital, Where Life Begins And Life Ends.BIRTH A Yellow Baby Get The Operating Room Set Up For A Total Transfusion EMERGENCY The Nurse S Urgent Voice On The Phone Doctor You Patient Is Hemorrhaging LOVE The Hurried Embrace In A Linen Closet.SURGERY Scalpel Slices Blood Spurts Diagnosis Correct Hemostat, Hemostat Quick AUTOPSY The Cadaver Opened From Sternum To Pubic Bone Doctor The Nurse Fainted The Dramatic Techniques Of Modern Medicine, The Crucial, Intimate Scenes Inside A Big Hospital

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    I m simply loving this one Unable to put down the book Once you are in to it, you are hooked and the impact is great This book definitely is different from what i have used to read until now Not the traditional thriller fiction types It s always been one of my Dad s highly recommended books to me and for some strange reason i had only kept postponing and now, i only wish i had not i recommend one to read to know what it takes to run the show in a hospital and you get a perspective on thi I m simply loving this one Unable to put down the book Once you are in to it, you are hooked and the impact is great This book definitely is different from what i have used to...

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    reading Arthur Hailey is like swimming in a pool full of pleasant water His books don t make you think, they make you feel After reading you have pocketful of emotions and new knowledge The Final Diagnosis is the best way to chill out after a hard day or to escape to the world full ...

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    Being a doctor myself who works with the laboratories in the hospitals there was not one thing I could not relate to with the issues that happen in the story.A point for Dr Pearson s advice to Dr Coleman in ...

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    Beautiful The duration of the story is short, but the author has gone out to give life history of all the main characters Captivating As a medical student there were so many things I could relate to, and I m su...

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    With the amount of hype with which I started reading this book I thought I would never keep down this book But instead, I found it hard to take the book again and turn the pages to the page I read last and then continue reading So I asked the people who instilled this false hype in me whether they read this particular book And then I came to know the bizarre truth They haven t read this particular book but they have read another one of the same author.The books starts at a snail s pac...

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    Right and wrong are fuzzy in the field of medicine How lives can be made, or shattered, by a single decision How much can depend on a single test How dramatic the consequences of one diagnosis can be A story through the lens o...

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    Gripping NovelFast paced story with extremely interesting characters woven into realistic episodes Descriptions are so vivid one can actually visualise things happening in front of your eyes Author must have done a lot of research Highly enjoyable book with a feel good factor.

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    I was depressed by the end of story for some characters.

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    good storyline, realistic but never felt the rush to hold on to the book, was a relaxed read.

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    Another medical fiction beautifully written.The final diagnosis takes the reader on the journey of the lives inside the hospitals which include not only the doctors but also the nurses, technicians and the administrative staff.Set in a time,which in comparison to the present day medical field, can be called outdated, yet it portrays very vividly of what goes on in a hospital, the truckload of work involv...

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