Clovis Revisited

Clovis Revisited Explore The Early Days Of Paleoindian Archaeology In This Engaging Retrospective Of Edgar B Howard S Southwest Early Man Project, 1929 1937, Cosponsored By The University Museum And The Academy Of Natural Sciences Of Philadelphia This Book Contains A Detailed Analysis Of The World Famous Clovis Artifacts, Discovered Among The Bones Of Mammoths And Extinct Bison In The Dust Bowl Of Eastern New Mexico.Blending Traditional And Current Ideas, The Authors Offer An Extended Reference To The Lifeways Of Early Humans In The Americas, Accented By A Series Of Unique Insights On Their Origins And Adaptations Well Appointed With Photos, Line Illustrations, And Schematics, Clovis Revisited Is Essential Reading For Professionals, Students, And Avocational Enthusiasts.University Museum Monograph, 103

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