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Lethal Conspiracy Ebook Lethal Conspiracy Author Gary Fuller Vinoschilenos.eu Dr Steven Grant, Columbia University Professor Of Political Science And Special Assistant To The UN Secretary General, Is Recruited By The CIA To Identify A Terrorist Cell Formed Inside The United Nations Still Recovering From The Death Of His Wife A Year Ago, Grant Hopes This New Adventure Will Spring Him From The Deep Depression He S Suffered When An Undercover Mossad Agent Posing As An Arabic Aide At The UN Discovers The Terrorists Plan, Grant Knows He S Got To Put Everything He Has Into This Mission The Terrorists Want To Explode Bombs At A Iranian Facility Storing Three Fully Developed Nuclear Warheads And Then Blame Israel, Thus Forcing Iran To Retaliate Using Their Secret Nuclear Weapons Grants Teams With An Alluring Female Psychologist To Track Down The Terrorists Unfortunately, The Terrorist Organization Wants To Eliminate Them Both In His Frantic Search To Find And Stop The Radicals Before They Launch Their Planned Attack And Start A Nuclear War, Grant Faces Iraqi Insurgents, Hamas Militants, And Egyptian Secret Police From New York To The Middle East Just As Alarming To Him, Though, Is That He Must Also Face The Very Real Possibility That He S Falling In Love.

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    There were three good reasons for them to kill him He was a Jew He was Israeli He was Mossad Arizona author Gary Fuller has the credentials to write not only this fine book LETHAL CONSPIRACY, having studied The Psychology of Terrorism, an in depth course by the American Psychotherapist Association, intensive research and first person interviews with government officials and individuals from the intelligence operations community as well as earning is BA in Journalism and a PhD in business administration, but he also served in the U.S Air Force as an Air Force Intelligence Officer, Security Specialist, NATO Air Liaison Officer and as an Air Traffic Controller He helped write war game scenarios for several joint service exercises, including simulations involving Iraq and Iran He has also published articles in over 25 newspapers and 5 magazines and completed an internship with ABC News He now lives in Lake Chapala, Mexico.Given the above it is no wonder this novel is so compelling Gary makes us vividly aware of the conditions that swarm around terrorist activities, creating a constant sense of anxiety not unlike that surround his main character He paints his settings v...

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    Lethal Conspiracy author, Gary Fuller, brings an impressive pedigree to thriller writing Not only does he have a PhD, importantly, given the plot of his novel, Fuller is a retired U.S Air Force officer with military intelligence experience My guess is that Fuller combines his hands on experiences his bio mentions Iran and Iraq with extensive research to write about the current Middle East conflicts with depth and authority His grasp of military and political issues is the strength of his novel Which is not to say that Lethal Conspiracy fails to deliver action After introducing Dr Steven Grant, a Columbia University professor of political science and special assistant to the UN Secretary General, two events propel the story forward one, Grant is recruited by the C.I.A to identify a terrorist cell formed inside the United Nations, and two, Grant meets Samantha, a highly successful New York psychologist Character development, however, is not as skillfully done as plot or action At times I had difficulty keeping track of secondary chara...

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    Lethal Conspiracy by Gary Fuller is an interesting blend of sophisticated dating alongside a terrorist plot In the opening pages, we are introduced to a new terror cell that has not only forcibly aligned the smaller terror organizations of the Middle East into one coordinated unit, but has also planted members into the hierarchy of the United Nations Their mission is simple destroy the Little Satan and the Great Satan Israel and the United States The method the group plans to take is much dynamic and terrifying use the UN to force the United States to remove all troops from the Middle East while sparking a nuclear war between Iran and Israel that will wipe Israel off the map Caught in the middle are Steven and Sam Steven is a political science professor and consultant at the UN in New York Sam is a high level psychiatrist who uses her skills to help political figures The two meet through a discreet dating site and are whisked into a romance almost as fast as they are whirled into the lethal conspiracy.Lethal Conspiracy takes the reader from the war torn streets of the Middle East to the sky rises of New York City The story is very well researched and the writer has a strong understanding, not only of the desires of groups in the Middle East, but also of the fears that Americans face when thinking about terrorism It is a dif...

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    I received this book as a GiveawayThe book was fast paced and easy to read This sometimes made the development of certain aspects of the book feel a little forced but, despite that, I could still emphasise with the characters.The story is set in the present day and moves along steadily, at no time did I find myself re reading parts as everything flowed nicely Colourful characters and some interesting insights into real life interweave quite naturally with the fictional storyline.A likeable hero shoved into a nightmare world finds himself, sometimes naively, in a number of tight spots Surviving with help from friends born of mutual trust and sometimes only on his own instincts for survival, he almost stumbles his way through with a mixture of resolve and no small amount of...

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    I had read the author s biography before I purchased the book I knew it would be a good read after I saw the experience he had and being a veteran The events that happen in this book will make you feel as if you are reading something that is going on in the world today This is a fiction book but has a great connection with real world events It met my expectations than any other book of this type The characters and the action in the book are written in a way that you can envision it in your...

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    After a long depression caused by his wife s death, Steven, a professor, Middle East expert and UN official, finally meets Samantha Sam , a clinical psychologist, and they hit it off His friend, Peter, a professor and CIA agent, convinces Steven to help uncover a plot inside the UN to destroy Israel and start a nuclear war The conspirator s plan unfolds whi...

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    l received this book for free thanks to Goodreads Giveawayl can only award 2 stars because l found it predictable l was almost guilty of shouting at Steven Grant DON T believe it.A boy s own mystery here l fear

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    Received this book in a goodreads giveaway.It was action packed and fast paced and had a believable storyline Would recommend to anybody who likes a lot of action in a real world setting.

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    Loved this book Was never any slow parts Action packed all the way I rate him with Brad Thor A great read

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