Saudi Bodyguard

Saudi Bodyguard The Working Life Of A Bodyguard For The Saudi S And The Unusual Experiences He Faced Experiences Of A Bodyguard That Worked With The Upper Echelons Of The Saudi Arabian Royal Family And Others Having Known Mark Young For Some Time Now, I Have To Say He Is The Most Professional, Diligent And Knowledgeable Security Source I Have Ever Worked With His Attributes As A High Level Bodyguard Protection Officer Are Unsurpassed SAUDI Bodyguard Is A Must Read For All Those Fascinated By The World Of Intelligence And Security Operations Mark Young Is The Man To Tell This Story Jon King, Author Princess Diana The Hidden Evidence Cosmic Top Secret The Unseen Agenda The Ascension Conspiracy 2013 Mark Young Has Opened A Door To A Fascinating Insight Of Greed And Corruption In A World That Most Of Us Can Only Guess At Albert Howard QGM Queens Gallantry Medal Provincial Police Award Gold Medal Citation High Sheriff Of Greater London Certificate Of Courage

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    The book tells unusual events and stories about upper echelon of saudi royal family As a western person, he was shocked by their double_standard, extravagance and ignorace of their people He finds out the truth at last that it is not the saudi royal family that has to...

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    filled with plenty of interesting insights into the Saudi royal family, but I think some chapters should ve been shorter, great read though

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    The book started slowly and build up through the secrets of Saudi Royals.The author supposedly a bodyguard There were many scandals and a lot of facts But few parts and few chapters were dragging for too long with a lot of Repeating of the same stories The book could have been halved and it would have been juicier Mark Young while he was very harsh on the people he wor...

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    This book is so poorly written, it s like a 13 years old girl trying to portray innocence as she pass along gossip I tried to handle it as a fictional novel, but even then I could not keep reading and I almost never give up on a book Maybe because it was written in a different time M...

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    Good book on the reality of Saudi royalsGood book and an insight into the true personality s of Saudi royals depicting their whims and fancies which many times a life shattering experience to commons victims.

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    I like it

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