Children of Fury

Children of Fury Within A Period Of Turmoil For The Immortals Heron Is Born A Fury Like No Other With A Legacy For Vengeance Spanning For Thousands Of Years In England During The 1400 S He Meets A Young Woman Named Aimee Who Has Already Met Her Soulmate As Their Paths Collide With Catastrophic Results A Story Of Retribution Spanning Centuries And Continents Unfolds Love Can Create Comfort Or Even Hatred, But Can Also Be Found Where We Expect It Least

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    Seventeen year old Aimee never asked to be an immortal, a creature known as a Fury with wings and a hunger to consume human souls to survive She grieved for her lost life and the lover who her Maker had murdered And Aimee wanted revenge She trained for years, then set out to hunt and kill a being who was bigger and stronger Aimee would need to be smarter, and she had eternity to find him.The book is written with very little dialogue Instead, it is narrated like the ancient legends were told, as if...

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    The immortal Heron arises from the worst possible turmoil lasting thousands of years He wants to possess Aimee who is already in love with her childhood sweetheart Tragically Aimee loses the love of her life and is changed into an immortal against her will The story takes place in New York, Par...

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    Having read and enjoyed I Am Nine , I was curious to pick up Diane Major s first novel, Children of Fury.Whereas I Am Nine dealt with a post apocalypic world, this novel is firmly set in mythology Ms Major takes as a starting point the Furies of Greek legend and weaves a tale of Immortals spanning several centuries.Heron, the son of a Fury, is tasked with exacting revenge on humanity for its betrayal of the Greek Gods a mission on which he embarks with relish For Heron is a soul stealer, who also has the power to turn humans into Fur...

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