The Last Temptation

The Last Temptation Recovering Addict Eileen Cameron And Her Daughter Kinley Whitney Have Vanished From Eileen S Palm Springs Home Kinley S Custodial Father, Bradley Whitney, Lives In Atlanta Eileen And Bradley Are Locked In A Custody Battle, And Bradley Believes Eileen Has Taken Kinley To Hide With The Indians In The Desert The Court Hires Moriah Dru Of Child Trace To Find And Bring Kinley Home.Bradley S Academic Credentials Are Solid, But Dru Is Wary He S Rich And Involved With The Secretive Cloisters Dru And Lover, Police Lieutenant Richard Lake, Delve Into Bradley S Past, While Lake Investigates The Atlanta Suburban Girl Murders.In Palm Springs, Dru Meets A Host Of Glitzy Suspects, Including Dartagnan LeRoi, A Cop Arlo Cameron, Eileen S Movie Director Husband Heidi, Arlo S Widowed Neighbor Eileen S Hairdresser, A Cross Dresser Named Theodosia A Donut Maker Named Zing Indian Princess Contessa Tess Rosovo And Phillippe, A Self Styled Frenchman Who Claims He S A Cordon Bleu Chef Phillippe Says Everyone In The Springs Is An Actor.To Help Find Eileen And Kinley, Tess Takes Dru To The High Desert For A Moon Maiden Ceremony Dru Spots A Young Girl In A Wig Tess Notices Dru S Attention To The Girl Dru Passes Out Then Wakes In The Desert Scrub As A Monsoon Rages Terrified, She S Swept Over A Rock Waterfall To Certain Death Her Miraculous Survival Brings Her Even Greater Pain.The Last Temptation Is An Edgy Mystery Thriller Loaded With Eccentric Oddballs Murder And Deceit Are No Strangers To Glamorous Palm Springs Nor To Atlanta.

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    I read this after the first one It was good, but I thought it suffered from second book itis That is if it s the second book in the series later book is a 3.75 stars

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    I won an advance reading copy a few months ago and am happy to share my thoughts about this novel.Kinley and her mother have disappeared from their home in Palm Springs and the custodial father hires Moriah Dru to locate his missing daughter The search takes Moriah from Palm Springs where everyone seems to be playing a part, to the high desert where everyone seems to be hiding something, to Atlanta where everyone has a skelet...

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    This is the second book in the Moriah Dru and Lt Richard Lake series after her Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel winning The End Game Dru is assigned a case of a missing child, who appears to be a pawn in a custody dispute She immediately gets a weird vibe from the girl s father, who is the custodial parent Her search for the daughter takes her far from her Atlanta home to Palm Springs where Finger paints a wonderful picture of the area and its residents Dru is injured...

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    Author Gerrie Ferris FingerPublisher Five StarDate 2012367 buy link the Author Gerrie Ferris Finger won The Malice Domestic St Martin s Minotaur Best First Traditional Novel for THE END GAME, published by St Martin s on April 27, 2010 Gerrie grew up in Missouri then went South to write for The Atlanta Constitution She traveled the Tobacco Roads of Georgia and Alabama and the narrow, historic streets of New Orleans She wrote about Natchez, Mississippi s unique history, Florida s diverse population, and the Outer Banks struggle to keep light houses from toppling into the sea Visits to Cape Hatteras resulted in her historical paranormal, THE GHOST SHIP.About the Book When recovering addict, Eileen Cameron and her daughter Linley disapper, Moriah Dru of Child Trace is hired by Eileen s ex husband, Bradley Whitney, to find them Her search takes her to Palm Springs, California There she meets a string of eccentric characters suspects Among them Dartagnan LeRoi, a local cop, Theodosia, a cross dressing hairdresser and a donut maker named Zing The deeper Moriah gets into the case, the startling discoveries she makes, including the interesting nightlife of staid seeming Professor Bradley Whitney.Her search leads her into the high desert where she takes part in a Moon Maiden Ceremony, an event that brings danger into her life and threatens her re...

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    Retired cop and owner of an investigative service called Child Trace, Moriah Dru, is aware, slightly cynical, romantic at her core And she s in love with a Lieutenant of Police in Atlanta, Georgia She traces lost children He, Lieutenant Richard Lake, traces murderers When their cases intersect, mayhem sometimes ensues, sparks fly and the bad guys, if they re smart, go somewhere else.Local brilliant academician, Bradley Whitney, has custody of his young daughter, Linley Her mother, Whitney s ex wife, is still struggling with addiction, but wants custody When the girl fails to turn up on a flight back to Atlanta from Palm Springs, the court hires Dru to find and retrieve her In Palm Springs, Dru discovers that both the girl and her mother are missing A lot of people seem to know parts of the story and aren t willing to talk to her By this time there have been several brutal murders in Atlanta that have Lake s attention and Dru s old, Saab has been blown up Connections Not immediately obvious.This is a tautly constructed, tightly written, punchy novel of horrific crime, family entanglements, love and sex, loss and reconnection The protagonist is a fascinating, flawed, woman with wonderful skills and attitudes It flows logically from a series of disparate violent events and the presentation of pieces of evidence that eventually all come together Although t...

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    Slow to start, abruptly ends In between good story, great character development, implied kinky sex, fast paced, multifaceted mystery Being a native Arizonan and living in LA for ten years, the Palm Springs setting was familiar and readily brought forth visual images Interesting how the author made the setting switches between Atlanta and Palm Springs very easy to follow Throwing in a bit of native American culture was an added plus I m o...

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