America in 1492: The World of the Indian Peoples Before the Arrival of Columbus

America in 1492: The World of the Indian Peoples Before the Arrival of Columbus When Columbus Landed In 1492, The New World Was Far From Being A Vast Expanse Of Empty Wilderness It Was Home To Some Seventy Five Million People They Ranged From The Arctic To Tierra Del Fuego, Spoke As Many As Two Thousand Different Languages, And Lived In Groups That Varied From Small Bands Of Hunter Gatherers To The Sophisticated And Dazzling Empires Of The Incas And Aztecs This Brilliantly Detailed And Documented Volume Brings Together Essays By Fifteen Leading Scholars Field To Present A Comprehensive And Richly Evocative Portrait Of Native American Life On The Eve Of Columbus S First Landfall.Developed At The D Arcy McNickle Center For The History Of The American Indian And Edited By Award Winning Author Alvin M Josehpy, Jr., America In 1492 Is An Invaluable Work That Combines The Insights Of Historians, Anthropologists, And Students Of Art, Religion, And Folklore Its Dozens Of Illustrations, Drawn From Largely From The Rare Books And Manuscripts Housed At The Newberry Library, Open A Window On Worlds Flourished In The Americas Five Hundred Years Ago.

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    Introduction The Center of the Universe by Alvin M Josephy, Jr.Beginning with a brief accounting of their history, Josephy praises the bravery and persistence of the tenacious Carib peoples It is from them that we have the word Cannibal, Columbus having been told by their enemies Arawaks that they ate human beings And it was with these people that Columbus initiated the American slave trade.Of all the depredations visited upon the native peoples, perhaps the most enduring has been the obscuring of their history through a persistent Eurocentrism The purpose of this collection is to recover, to the greatest extent possible the Indians world of 1492 We are all the richer for the effort The Becoming of the Native Man in America Before Columbus by N Scott MomadayWhen Columbus sighted land in the new world, he was in fact coming into first contact with a very ancient land This was a land peopled by native populations that had existed there for centuries and had developeduntold numbers of human societies in the New World, untold numbers of languages and dialects, architecture to rival any monument of the Old World, astronomical observations and solar calendars, a profound knowledge of natural medicine and the healing arts, very highly developed oral traditions, dramas, ceremonies, and above all a spiritual comprehension of the universe, a sense of the natural and supernatural, a sense of the sacred Here was every evidence of man s long, inexorable rise to civilization pp 15 16 T...

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    Looked interesting after my daughter was doing research on paper about Columbus was he good guy or bad I was brought up with Columbus Day being national holiday, so glad to get this other perspective of how things were before the deluge At best, he was seriously misguided...

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    This book is Eurocentric, although it attempts to tell the Native side The authors rely on stereotypes, tropes, and overall precarious assumptions such as the Bering Straight Theory If you want a better book on the same thing, try Indian Givers by Weatherford.

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