Begin with the End in Mind

Begin with the End in Mind Residing On The Border Between Poetry And Prose, Emma Healey Masterfully Navigates The Tension And Balance Between The Two Forms Her Writing Examines The Animate Qualities Of Seemingly Inanimate Things And Explores Personal Relationships, Collective And Individual Human Experiences, As They Are Distilled Through Our Encounters With Such Things As The CBC, Chain Bookstores, The Contents Of A Kitchen, Or The Expanse Of A Whole City Begin With The End In Mind Tests The Capabilities Of The Prose Poem The Specific Rhythmic, Lyrical, And Syntactic Possibilities Of The Form, And The Opportunities For Play, Renegotiating The Traditional Technical Elements Of Lyric And Line That Are Afforded The Prose Poet.

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    Emma Healey on writing you believe that when you and the work are doing the things you re supposed to do right then if someone lifted the roof off your apartment and observed you from above you d look not like the two of you putzing around in men s boxers and eating ce...

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    favorite poems Everything is Glass, Spring Line, Voting Seasonsome very predictable images and some surprises such as, and the phrase I Live Alone is slogan than statement of fact because really you live with concurrence

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    emma healey is a very good writer i m pretty sure we were in the same class in grade five

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