Under an Open Sky: Rethinking America's Western Past

Under an Open Sky: Rethinking America's Western Past Reading Under An Open Sky Rethinking America S Western Past William Cronon Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk The History Of The American West Is Being Transformed By Exciting New Ideas, New Questions, New Scholarship For Many Years This Field Was Dominated By Popular Images Of The Lone Cowboy And The Savage Indian, And By Frederick Jackson Turner S Concept Of The Frontier As A Steadily Advancing Source Of Democracy And Social Renewal But Now Historians And Even The Merchants Of Popular Culture Are Reshaping Our Views Of The Frontier And The West By Taking Up A Rich Array Of New Subjects, Including The Stories Of Diverse Peoples As Well As The History Of The Land Itself A New Generation Of Scholars Is Reformulating The Broader Questions Also What Was The Significance Of The Frontier In American History What Are The Bases Of Western Identity What Themes Connect The Twentieth Century West To Its Distant Past The Transformation Of Western History Continues To Be An Open Ended, Turbulent Process The Original Essays In This Volume Are Reports From The Frontier Of Change In Their Diverging Assumptions And Conclusions, They Reflect The Vitality Of This Field They Succeed When They Make The Case For New Questions And Suggest Possible Answers They Advocate No Single Agenda But Taken Together They Well Represent The Passion And High Craft With Which Scholars Are Creating A New Western History.

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    I read this collection of essays, originally published in 1992, with a very specific agenda I m in the early stages of working on a book about the Rocky Mountain intellectual tradition phrasing may change So it was striking to me how little attention the writers give to the states that occupy the time zone, an imperfect definition, but good enough for a start Sara Deutsch s essay on race in the West begins with a fascinating sketch of the Hispanic enclave of Greeley, Colorado John Faragher s Americans, Mexicans, Metis juxtaposes New Mexico and Quebec D.Michael Quinn s survey of religion incorporates Utah s Mormonism There s a bit about gender in mining and logging communities, but not much else I started by checking the index, which presented an even bleaker picture turns out the index isn t particularly well done So If you want the Rockies, the interest is limited.For the West as a whole, it s a useful point of reference, one very much grounded in the moment of its publication, which results in an interesting tension betwe...

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    Oh, I had such high hopes for this book. Not that it failed, but rather I failed it It s currently overdue at the library because I keep forgetting about it The three essays I read in it were really great, but I think I just have a problem reading essays It doesn t help that I only ever read in bed, or in dark, quiet places work It s going to fall into that embarrassing category of eternally reading unless I snap myself up by my bootstraps.Okay, I got two essays down sinc...

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