Claiming One

Claiming One This Powerful Collection Brings Together 17 Short Stories Linked Only By Flight Or Denial The Distinct Characters In Claiming One Are Both Incredibly Loving And Tragically Flawed Far From Finding Anything, And An Even Longer Way From Peace Yet, E.J Runyon Masterfully Intertwines A Trail Of Hope, Found In The Hearts Of The Characters, To String These Tales Together We Welcome Them Still Standing, Albeit Wobbling, As Adults Or As Children Determined To Act In Adult Like Ways Often, We Arrive To Their Story On The Heels Of A Major Change, Whether Actual Or Symbolic Death Of Beliefs, Sureties Or Illusions Each Offers A Glimpse Into The Characters Moment Of Choice We Witness Perilous Options, Discoveries And Decisions, All While Considering The Flawless Humanity Presented To Us.

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    When I first started E.J Runyon s book Claiming One with 17 short stories, I wasn t certain how I could connect with the stories I was overwhelmed with the emotions that the author was able to show in such few words I wantedto every story, it was like I was so attached to the the people in these stories I felt like I know them, or have known them My mind would not stop thinking of the why s and who s and on and on The author was able to write an unforgettable story in just a few p When I first started E.J R...

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    Runyon s expert writing speaks to human nature, our personal habits, and personal tragedies.

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    A fascinating collection of short stories, glimpses into other lives This book was akin to finding a photo album in a secondhand shop, filled with snapshots which pricked my curiosity But what came before, wha...

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    Great collection from a new author via InspiredQuill Review

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