How Do You Know Its Winter?

How Do You Know Its Winter? In Some Places, The Weather Is Cold And Snowy In Others, It S Rainy And Cool People Help Birds Find Food By Putting Up Bird Feeders In Their Backyards Days Are Shorter And Nights Are Longer, And Kids Find Indoor Activities To Fill Their Afternoons What Does It All Mean It Must Be Winter From Changes In The Growth Cycles Of Plants To The Signs Of Winter That Can Be Found In Backyards, Parks, Woodlands, Wetlands, Cities, And Farms Across North America, This Fact Filled Book Will Give Kids An Exciting Opportunity To Explore Nature In Action Fun Activities, Such As Recording Relative Changes In Temperature, Precipitation, And The Length Of Days In Weather Notebooks, Give Readers A Chance To Gain Insights Beyond The Facts And Figures Expertly Crafted To Meet Early Elementary Reading And Science Curriculum Standards, How Do You Know It S Winter Introduces Young Readers To Science Concepts And The Two Fundamental Components Of Scientific Inquiry Making Observations And Drawing Inferences From Those Observations.

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    My local library just added several awesome children s books to its digital website I m always looking for great books to send to the grandkids, so I checked out a few The cover of this book by Ruth Owen really caught my eye How Do You Know It s Winter is part of the Signs of the Seasons series Not only does this book have awesome full color photos and artwork on each page, but it also includes classroom or homeschool activities and a science lab section Geared for elementary age students, I can see this book being a great supplement for weather related science lessons for kindergarten through second graders The book includes common core requirements like a list of keywords, an index, suggested booklist and an informational weblink I homeschooled my youngest son for three years in elementary school and I would ha...

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    An excellent choice for teaching preschool age children and early elementary children about winter Using clear and concise information, photos, and thought provoking questions, the author introduces the concept of seasons, the signs of winter, its effects on plant life and animals, and Also included are the definitions of unfamiliar science words along with illustrative photos , directions for a winter treasure hunt, and a few resources to expand ...

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