Don't Give Up!

Don't Give Up! EPUB Don T Give Up Paul Hanna In February 2002, While Paul Hanna Was Enjoying His Passion For Bushwalking, He Walked Over What He Thought Was Solid Ground But Was Actually Bush Paul Fell 12 Metres Down A Cliff Face, Hitting Three Ledges On The Way And Landing Unconcious On The Rocks Below He Was Rescued By Helicopter And Taken To Hospital, Where It Was Confirmed That He Had Broken His Back In Three Places And Smashed His Wrist, And Doctors Feared He Would Be A Paraplegic Or Quadriplegic.But, Demonstrating The Same Tenacity And Perseverance That Has Made Him One Of Australia S Leading Motivational Speakers, Paul Spent Months In Hospital Learning To Walk Again In Don T Give Up , He Inspires His Readers To Put Their Hands On The Steering Wheel Of Life And Look Forward To What They Want To Achieve, Not Keep Looking In The Rear Vision Mirror At What Has Happened Or What Might Have Been With The Passion, Love Of Living And Never Say Die Attitude That Pulled Him Through The Most Trying Time Of His Own Life, Paul Hanna Shows That, No Matter What Challenges You Are Currently Facing, If You Remain Focused On Where You Want To Go, You Can Turn Any Crisis Into An Opportunity.

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    This book really good,,to get up from disaster and make us confidence for face a reality.

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    I like the part about goal setting, other than that the other parts don t really seem relevant to this stage of my life I guess this book would appeal to those who just faced setback or stagnant in life.

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    How much accountability are you taking right this very moment for the setback you are experiencing Amazing things can happen when you take control Don t Give Up by Paul HannaI suggest you listen to or read this book if you are feeling down or feel like thing are just not going your way No matter what what life throws at us, no matter how bad it gets, we all have it within ourselves to overcome setbacks Inspiring stories on ho...

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