Faith and the Historian: Catholic Perspectives

Faith and the Historian: Catholic Perspectives Epub Faith And The Historian Catholic Perspectives Author Nick Salvatore Faith And The Historian Collects Essays From Eight Experienced Historians Discussing The Impact Of Being Touched By Catholicism On Their Vision Of History That First Graduate Seminar, These Essays Suggest, Did Not Mark The Inception Of One S Historical Sensibilities Rather, That Process Had Deeper, And Earlier, Roots The Authors Ranging From Cradle To The Grave Catholics To Those Who Haven T Practiced For Forty Years, And Everywhere In Between Explicitly Investigate The Interplay Between Their Personal Lives And Beliefs And The Sources Of Their Professional Work A Variety Of Heartfelt, Illuminating, And Sometimes Humorous Experiences Emerge From These Stories Of Intelligent People Coming To Terms With Their Catholic Backgrounds As They Mature And Enter The Academy Contributors Include Philip Gleason, David Emmons, Maureen Fitzgerald, Joseph A McCartin, Mario T Garcia, Nick Salvatore, James R Barrett, And Anne M Butler.

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