Daniel Morgan: Revolutionary Rifleman (Institute of Early American History)

Daniel Morgan: Revolutionary Rifleman (Institute of Early American History) PDF Epub Daniel Morgan Revolutionary Rifleman Institute Of Early American History Don Higginbotham Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Over The Vast Distances And Rough Terrain Of The Revolutionary War, The Tactics That Daniel Morgan Had Learned In Indian Fighting The Thin Skirmish Line, The Stress Upon Individual Marksmanship, The Hit And Run Mobility Were An Important Element Of His Success As A Commander He Combined This Success On The Battlefield With A Deep Devotion To The Soldiers Serving Under Him In A Conflict That Abounded In Vital Personalities, Morgan S Was One Of The Most Colorful Illiterate, Uncultivated, And Contentious, He Nevertheless Combined The Resourcefulness Of A Frontiersman With A Native Gift As A Tactician And Leader His Rise From Humble Origins Gives Forceful Testimony To The Democratic Spirit Of The New America.

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    Daniel Morgan, Revolutionary Rifleman by Don Higgenbotham is a reprint of the 1961 biography It was recommended to me by a Park Ranger at the Saratoga Battlefield They have a wonderful historical book section at the store there I found it a good introductory biography and an easy read on a very important historical figure Colonel, later General Morgan was one of the American Revolution s experts in light warfare He played very important roles in both the Saratoga Campaign and in the later Southern Campaigns as well as commanding the Continental Army s screening forces during the Philadelphia Campaigns The biography is a bit dated in terms of style I say this because it attempts to provide a simple straightforward description of what Morgan actually did It does not attempt historical revisionism It does not ...

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    A very good biography of this Revolutionary War general It is especially good concerning Morgan s participation at Saratoga and his brilliant design of the attack at Cowpens This book is pretty old but I haven t found anything recent.

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    Much insightful information about Morgan s character and military exploits An excellent read

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    Revolutionary Rifleman is a brief overview of the life of Daniel Morgan It is well researched, with good use of primary sources It is also a fairly easy read Where I found this book lacking was in analysis Rarely does it leave the well tr...

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    This is a thorough biography of Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War hero I have known a little about since I was a boy I grew up around Cowpens, and so have long been familiar with Morgan and the double envelopment that won the day for the American...

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    A somewhat old fashioned biography of one of the United States dashing Revolutionary War leaders, who later personified the notion that backwoods riflemen clinched the rebels victory Higginbotham devotes most of this book to Morgan s wartime service, penning an exciting narrative of the Quebec expedition of 1775 and the clearest account I ve yet read of the Battle of Cowpens, the tactical masterpiece of the Revolutionary War He also indicates the most important service Morgan provided to the Continentals in the Southern campaign marching into the back country, rallying demoralized rebel militia the r...

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    A well documented just the facts biography of one of my heroes of the Revolutionary War Although some of the thinking is dated especially with language Native Americans are nearly all savages and you don t get any sense of being present in the action, the book is a good portrait of a ...

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