Punk and Zen

Punk and Zen Nina Is An Adult And Free On Her Own Terms, But What Do You Do After You Break Free Freedom Towhat She Doesn T Feel Too Much, Doesn T Trust Anyone, And She Certainly Knows Better Than To Look For Love That She Saves For Music, Whether She S Playing Guitar Or DJingand Everyone Dances To Her Tune But When The Dreams Nina Works So Hard For Start To Fall Into Place, The Past She Thinks She S Left Behind Returns As She Opens Herself To Everything Nina Learns That Being Punk Alone Is Not Enough She Needs To Love And Be Loved, To Let Go Without Losing Herself Angst, Sex, Love, Rock Nuff Said.

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    I love JD s writing I love her characters and her intensityThis was my second or third reading of Punk and Zen, and I always find something new in it American Goth nextand then I ll be waitingthe story of Nina and Sam must go on

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    This is the follow up to JD Glass Punk Like Me Glass has a great voice and creates some interesting characters Some character reactions seem a bit over the top, but the story is good.

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    I gave it 4 5 because of Fran she deserved better my baby

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    WOW just wow I loved this book so much I loved seeing Nina grown up doing her own thing I loved seeing the way she was with women..kinda a player I really loved the club and who she was in her zone there. But when she started to feel..fall for Kitt. it was nice to see her sta...

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    this is the part 2 of Punk Like Me.She s finnished highschool, moved to the city and is making a life for herself and trying to make it big with her band When she thinks things are coming together it walks someone from her past to mix things up a bit.

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    Took the first couple of chapters to understand and get underway Philosophically good plot Interesting dynamics Very erotic Sex, Music and relationships.

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    Part two of Punk and Zen ran to the bookstore immediately after finishing..Like me Hot and fun and enthralling.

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    Absolutely loved it, excellent writing style Easy to relate to.

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