All the President's Men

All the President's Men All The President S Men Download Author Carl Bernstein This Landmark Book Details All The Events Of The Biggest Political Scandal In The History Of This Nation Watergate Woodward And Bernstein Kept The Headlines Coming, Delivering Revelation After Amazing Revelation To A Shocked Public Black And White Photograph Section.

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    Re reading for the 3rd time I think with what is happening at the moment it s time Now there is something to compare what happened thento what is happening now.

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    IMMENT IMMENT IMMENT Roubley dosh for a flag and a country IMMENT Mr Projectionist has the film reeled up, ready to go, for tonight s delectation The political antics of the last year or so makes this a good time for a re visit to the Saturday Night Massacre et al Maybe there will be clues as to how this present s...

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    What a great journalistic story and journey Remains to be utterly shocking Great book about foul politics.

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    This book was truly unbelievable The entire time I was reading it, I kept reminding myself that this was real history and it all happened There was so much drama in all the proceedings, and to realize that it s the select few in great positions of the government beneath it all I completely admire the reporting of these two individuals and their endless dedication to get the facts and the information correct and to the public, as well as keep their sources anonymo...

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    Ma am, have you got any than just the facts This first hand account of the Washington Post reporting that exposed and ultimately led to the demise of Nixon s administration reads very much like a down and dirty summary of the story notes gathered by two young and very self assured journalists This is one instance in which the movie was better than the book The product is not at all a nuanced or rich historical account, but rather an amalgamation of facts, facts, and facts While facts certainly do have their place, standing alone they make for a dry and oft times downright tedious read Man cannot live by facts alone Missing from this account was any real sense for who these highly placed presidential players were, what motivated them, and how those factors led them to so willingly participate in criminal activity For that I will have to look elsewhere Nevertheless, after reading this 336 page newspaper article, I c...

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    Watergate has been in the news recently because of Trump I realized that I know next to nothing about Watergate Being woefully ignorant, my husband and I decided to watch the movie It was wonderful, and I made a beeline to to order the book afterwards.Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein Thank God that they pursued the story, always refusing to give up Not only did Nixon get outed, this st...

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    This was probably the first non fiction grown up book I ever read It s a compelling portrayal of an momentous slice of American history and journalism This evening I went to an American Cinematheque screening of 1976 film adaptation of All The President s Men Holy hotness, the camera sure does love Robert Redford.And Dustin Hoffman with that awesome shaggy look.This duo had it going on, corduroy suits, big collars and typewriters.Also, All The President s Men also made Deep Throat a ho...

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    The book that opened my eyes to politicsstill relevant and sadly still not a lesson learned by our politicians.

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    Watergate took time Watergate took time Watergate took time. Mantra for 2018

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    Romanul de investiga ie al celor doi reporteri de la Washington Post, Carl Bernstein i Bob Woordward, publicat n Statele Unite n 1974, a netezit spectrul cu care trebuie privit , la modul abstract, politica Afacerea Watergate este cu des v r ire cea mai mare problema de politic intern cu care s au confruntat Statele Unite p n n prezent Pilonul democra iei i idealul lumii noi la care au visat ilumini tii secolului al XVIII lea tindea s se spulbere, n spatele cortinei, la nceputul celei de a opta decade a secolului trecut dac presa liber nu i ar fi asumat sarcina, nu tocmai lipsit de obstacole, de a investiga, f r concursul i f r sprijinul Ministerului de Justi ie al SUA, spargerea din sediul central al Partidului Democrat aflat n opozi ie n ceea ce prive te executivul la vremea respectiv , adic 1972 de la Watergate Totul pare, la nceput, un jaf banal, la care particip c iva cubanezi ce sus in c au fost anima i de dorin a de a submina campania democra ilor din pricina ascensiunii st ngii din Statele Unite Ceea ce la nceput a p rut un inocent act politic anticomunist avea s se transforme ntr un caz care a ajuns la masa rotund a Marelui Juriu Federal i care, cu sprijinul tacit al presei libere, a reu...

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