La planète des singes

La planète des singes La Plan Te Des Singes PDF Epub Author Pierre Boulle I Am Confiding This Manuscript To Space, Not With The Intention Of Saving Myself, But To Help, Perhaps, To Avert The Appalling Scourge That Is Menacing The Human Race Lord Have Pity On Us With These Words, Pierre Boulle Hurtles Teh Reader Onto The Planet Of The Apes In This Simian World, Civilization Is Turned Upside Down Apes Are Men And Men Are Apes Apes Rule And Men Run Wild Apes Think, Speak, Produce, Wear Clothes, And Men Are Speechless, Naked, Exhibited At Fairs, Used For Biological Research On The Planet Of The Apes, Man, Having Reached To Apotheosis Of His Genius, Has Become Inert To This Planet Come A Journalist And A Scientist The Scientist Is Put Into A Zoo, The Journalist Into A Laboratory Only The Journalist Retains The Spiritual Strength And Creative Intelligence To Try To Save Himself, To Fight The Appalling Scourge, To Remain A Man Out Of This Situation, Pierre Boulle Has Woven A Tale As Harrowing, Bizarre, And Meaningful As Any In The Brilliant Roster Of This Master Storyteller With His Cutomary Wit, Irony, And Disciplined Intellect And Style, The Author Of The Bridge Over The River Kwai Tells A Swiftly Moving Story Dealing With Man S Conflicts, And Takes The Reader Into A Suspenseful And Strangely Fascinating Orbit.

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    ENGLISH Planet of the Apes ITALIANO Jinn and Phyllis were spending a wonderful holiday in space, as far away as possible from the inhabited stars A couple of tourists on an interplanetary trip runs into a bottle drifting in the space They obtain in this way a manuscript in which is told the story of Ulysse M rou, a French journalist, and his space journey toward the Betelgeuse star, 300 light years far away from Earth.

    I fell in love with this novel after half a page Simple, addictive, shocking The core of the science fiction.

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    Jinn e Phyllis stavano passando delle meravigliose vacanze nello spazio, il pi lontano possibile dagli astri abitati Una coppia di turisti in gita nello spazio si imbatte in una bottiglia alla deriva nello spazio Vengono cos in possesso di un manoscritto nel quale narrata la storia di Ulisse M rou, giornalista francese, e del suo viaggio spazial...

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    I think Pierre Boulle s novel Planet of the Apes is a social fantasy, an allegory for revealing our civilization as blindly mimicking our past, as aping the good and bad of what has come before It is a statement against complacency, a warning that history will repeat itself if we are not eternally vigilant The novel may also be read as a cautionary illustration of our relationship with our environment and the animals with which we share the Earth.Or it s a fun science fiction book about chimps, orangutans and gorillas ruling a planet.Written by Pierre Boule and first published in 1963, as La Plan te des singes, this bears a closer literary resemblance to Edgar Rice Burroughs or Jules Verne than to modern science fiction Boulle himself, the author of The Bridge Over the River Kwai, described the nov...

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    When a film becomes so immensely popular, they achieve pop culture status, such as The Planet of the Apes, 1968 s version with Charlton Heston of course and the many different reincarnations that follow, nothing can match it including ironically the book which originated all the hubbub Now a return to this novel and examine the quality of, not an even contest since countless hundreds of millions have viewed the motion picture, with relatively speaking a few million read the publication I m guessing A futuristic couple Jinn and Phyllis acting appropriately bored, while taking a soothing, leisurely vacation in remote , dark, endless Space , still strangely enthralling, in the distant year of A.D 2500 They quite unexpectedly arrive upon an object outside their spaceship Curious the pair retreats the item and memories go back to the days of sailing ships on the high seas of Earth, come forth with a rush A message in a bottle is found, imagine the manuscript is in the ancient language of the third rock from the Sun, French However Jinn having been well educated there and can read the papers though, he uncovers the author s name written by Ulysse Mero...

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    French writer Pierre Boulle 1912 1994 made use of his experience as a soldier in WWII in depicting the relationship of apes and men in this 1963 book, Planet of the Apes. While stationed in Indochina in 1943, he was captured by Vichy France loyalists on the Mekong River and was subjected to severe hardship and forced labour The way the loyalists treated him and his fellow Gaulle and resistance supporters inspired Boulle to write this novel.This book was highly praised and was given such reviews as this example from England s Guardian newspaper Classic science fictionfull of suspense and satirical intelligence I agree to this It is a sci fi because of the idea of having apes ruling the universe as they think that men have lesser intelligence than them The Ape planet, called Soror Latin for sister , revolves around the red Sun called Betelguese that is real Then the ape scientists in the said planet conduct Pavlov like experiments to their captured human beings and one of the three was Ulysse, the author of the journal found floating in the space as narrated in the frame story His companion, the genius scientist from Earth, Professor Antell turns crazy while his fellow crew, physicist Arthur Levaine is killed during the landing of their spaceship For me, its main theme is an reminder of the things we take for granted or better yet, the people who we take for g...

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    Esse livro legal demais Uma hist ria r pida e muito gostosa de ler que, como toda fic o cient fica boa, faz a gente pensar o tempo inteiro no que t acontecendo no nosso mundinho aqui, onde ainda n o temos naves espaciais populares e viagens intergal cticas incr veis O livro se apega muito pouco na parte cient fica e n o explica quase nada E eu AMO quando isso acontece, porque sobre muito mais tempo para conhecer os personagens e seus conflitos E eu prefiro conflitos do que descri o de pe a de nave.Aqui existe muita coisa sobre rela es de poder que s o formadas na sociedade, preconceito e racismo uma hist ria bem redondinha que, pra mim que nunca assisti aos filmes cl ssicos s assisti aquela tristeza com o James Franco , foi muito surpreendente O FINAL, GENTE AQUELE LTIMO CAPITULINHO, PUTA MERDA Gostei bastante um livro que eu recomendo muito p...

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    Kitab n bir ok filmi ekilmi oldu u i in konusunu neredeyse bilmeyen yoktur 2001 y l yap m olan Maymunlar Gezegenini izlemi tim ve a rt c bir sonla kar la aca m biliyordum Ancak kitap bir darbeyle yetinmemi ve ikinci darbeyi...

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    Planet of the Apes is shocking and eye opening, a classic sci fi novel that everyone should read The themes within it are certainly worth it.

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    Bay l yorum bu klasik seriye O kadar k ymetli ki G n m ze, toplumumuza ge mi ten ok farkl bak a lar mevcut Bu kitap da yleydi ve her sayfas ayr keyifliydi.

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    Caution Vague Spoilers AheadI don t really think that I can do this book justice in my review I thought that it was brilliant I know that I have seen the movie long ago, and remember the big reveal at the end and Charlton yelling about damning everyone all to hell, but I don t remember much than that I ll have to watch the movie again.I really loved the subtle cautionary tale running throughout the story Maybe it s just my feminist liberal bleeding heart whispering to me, but I feel that Boulle just plain hated live animal experiments and was determined to show people that the tables could be turned one day Easily But than that, the book cautions us not to be complacent and lazy about our place in life and in the food chain and to keep striving and learning and bettering ourselves, but NOT at the cost of other life forms We re on top now, but only time will tell if we stay there And do we actually deserve to be We, the Lords of Creation, seem to think that we can do anything and everything we want to do We re so filled with pride that we ...

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    Almost all the great discoveries, she stated vehemently, have been made by chimpanzees Experimentation is needed for all great discoveries, and what would a chimpanzee use as a lab animal Why, a human, of course Oh, those damn dirty apes Despite Charleton Heston s scenery chewing, I ve always loved Planet of the Apes, the movie The book Well, it gets off to an awkward start The wr...

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