Fundamental Flaws Seven Things Independent Fundamental Baptists Get Wrong

Fundamental Flaws Seven Things Independent Fundamental Baptists Get Wrong Read Fundamental Flaws Seven Things Independent Fundamental Baptists Get Wrong By Darrell Dow For Years People Who Have Read The Satire And Parody On The Stuff Fundies Like Blog Have Asked For Someone Write A Companion That Not Only Points Out The Problems In Baptist Fundamentalism But Also Provides Solutions Fundamental Flaws Strives To Look Not Only The Negatives That Are So Easily Found In These Fundamentalist Churches But Also To Point To A Better Way.Those Who Are Long Time Readers Of The Blog Will Find Some Familiar Material In This Book As Well As Some Newly Written Sections To Address The Seven Key Areas Of Church, Standards, Education, Sex, Missions, History, And Authority.This Book Does Not Attempt To Be Exhaustive In Its Approach To Any Of These Topics But Provides A Solid Starting Place For An Ongoing Conversation That Is Vital To The Spiritual Health Of Those Both In Fundamentalism And Those Who Have Recently Departed From It.

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    From the outset, Dow does not claim to be a theologian His book is intentionally short and filled with some of his thoughts on things that Fundamentalists are doing wrong The introduction makes it clear that there are three audiences for this book recovering fundies, fundies who are content to stay where they are, and those who are questioning their fundihood For recovering fundies or fans of Dow s blog,, this book covers old material For a person who chooses to leave the religion s he grew up on, it is comforting to realize that others have thought the same thing and have left for many of the same reasons It is helpful to know that what s he thinks makes sense and that s he isn t crazy Dow lists seven problems he sees in the IFB movement and offers solutions to these problems Those who have left fundamentalism behind will find this comforting Those who are questioning fundamentalism can use this book to think through some issues with a view from outside their bubble Those who are still happily entrenched in the IFB can at least understand how others see the IFB and might possibly be able to effect good change in their ...

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    Very real and interestingly funny.

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    Darrell Dow s brief book, FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS, presents seven points about the Independent Fundamental Baptists Church, Standards, Education, Sex, Missions, History, Authority Dow accurately describes the prominence of these concepts in Fundamentalism, the way Fundamentalism perceives these concepts, and how these concepts are mishandled by Fundamentalists He also offers thumbnail suggestions on ways to remedy each flawed Fundamentalist construct.Readers of Dow s blog, Stuff Fundies Like, will find the topics familiar, but the writing is fresh, concise, and infused with the wit and gentle humor that has made the SFL blog so popular with Fundamentalists and former Fundamentalists All the same, as a blogger who documents sexual abuse cases in Fundamentalism, I didn t read anything new to me in this book, though I certainly enjoyed reading it.However, people newly emerged from Fundamentalism, or those who are still in an IFB church but are contemplating cha...

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    This books reveals the humility and restraint of its author Again and again, Darrell could have called down judgement on some of the horrible practices of Fundamentalists Instead, he graciously proposes solutions and methods for Gospel enacting by inviting the Fundamentalist back into the fold of the larger Church And to start with a discussion on Holy Communion My Lutheran heart melts Well done, Darrell The spot on descriptions of Fundamen...

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    Though it contains some clever writing it is basically a product of shallow thinking, limited exposure and resentment The tone betrays an attitude of retaliation and comes across with a spirit of unkind resentment Logically it is filled with straw man arguments and caricatures Propositions betray lack of exposure to the study...

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    Really enjoyed it As a child of the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, I can say unequivocally that Darrell s portrayal and critique of it, as well as his fixes, are spot on The only reason I didn t give this book 5 stars is that it could have used a serious edit ...

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    I wanted from this book I liked it, but it needed to be longer Of course, I think all my fundamentalist friends and conservative evangelicals should read it and take It to heart.

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