The Modernist Cocktail

The Modernist Cocktail PDF The Modernist Cocktail By Tony Conigliaro From The U.K S Preeminent Bartender And One Of The Leading Authorities On Modernist Mixology Comes This Collection Of 60 Revolutionary Cocktails, All Grounded In The Classics But Utilizing Technologies And Techniques From The Molecular Gastronomy Movement The Right Cocktail Is Than Just A Drink It S The Perfect Combination Of Scent, Color, Sound, And Taste In The Hands Of Tony Conigliaro, Drinks Like The Vintage Manhattan, Dirty Martini By The Sea, And Cosmo Popcorn Will Redefine Your Understanding Of What A Cocktail Can Be With This Revolutionary New Approach To Drink Making, Conigliaro Has Established Himself As A Modern Master Of The Form.

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