Binding Devotion

Binding Devotion What S Important The Bond Of Marriage Or The Pull Of Desire But What S Powerful Andi Armstrong Is The 29 Year Old CEO Of The UK S Largest LGBT Campaigning Organisation, Proud Unity She S A Public Figure, An Empowering Speaker, A Devoted Boss And A Loyal Wife Or So She Thought.Having Spent The Past Seven Years Fighting For The Marriage Rights Of Same Sex Couples, She Can T Imagine That Her Own Civil Partnership Might Actually Be Failing She Committed For Life She S Bound By Law She S An Example Of How It Works Andi Armstrong Knows That She Has To Make It Work She Wants It To Work.But What Happens When Desire Takes Over When The Pull Is Too Strong Should Andi Sacrifice Everything, Her Beliefs And Her Loyalty For Desire, For Excitement, For Happiness For Love For Someone Who Isn T Her Wife Binding Devotion Is A Saucy And Topical Lesbian Fiction Novel That Will Leave You Questioning The Intricacies Of Commitment In The Face Of Unexpected Infidelity.

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    Enjoyable read sex,passion,good character development and good storytellingrecommend to all

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    Twenty nine year old Andi Armstrong is the CEO of Proud Unity, the UK s largest LGBT campaigning organization Andi is an icon, she s a hands on, tireless campaigner and public speaker and her employees adore her Her seven year civil partnership is as solid as a rock Or is it Andi has spent seven years fighting for equal marriage rights for same sex partners The thought that her own civil partnership may be disintegrating is unthinkable When Andi made her commitment to her wife, she made it for life, it is legally binding She will do whatever it takes to honor that commitment But..Will the pull of an unexpected attraction prove to be the undoing of all Andi s beliefs and ideals Will Andi do an about turn on everything she s always believed in Will she give up everything, including her wife, for her own excitement, happiness, desires and above all, love Or will Andi carry on honoring her commitment and keep on wanting what she is denying herself and the woman who loves her right back This is Kiki Archer s third book and I ve loved them all Binding Devotion is different to her first two books However, it s her best book yet Unlike the first two books, this one has a serious theme That is not to say there isn t the usual Kiki Archer humor throughout that I ve come to expect and love in her books It adds a nice touch of light heartedness to the story as a whole.I was pulled right into the story from the very first page The opening lines just grabbed me and I couldn t stop reading With the opening lines of Just shove it in, sweetie I m trying No Not like that You have to shove it in and out quickly, or it won t work Who would not be pulled in All the characters are multidimensional, interact well together and compliment each other Rather than feeling like I was reading a book, it was like watching a film as the story evolved This book is far than a fluffy chick lit romance It focuses on very real issues and there are quotes from very real people There is an intricate plot woven throughout the regular story, with so many twists and turns and ups and downs, it evoked a rollercoaster of emotions for me Never in a million years would I have guessed how this book was going to end.I have no intentions of putting in any spoilers I want you all to enjoy this book as much as I have But I will add one thing, there is a poignant message in this book One that has the entire story teetering on an axis No matter what each of us thinks of the rights or wrongs of the characters actions in this book, the message in this story is real, true to life The story itself may be fiction, but the message is not.Kiki Archer has surpassed herself Her writing here is honed to perfection She has joined the ranks of a small group of excellent writers here in the UK and I m pleased to notice that her books are also being well read in the USA too.If you want an enjoyable read that you won t be able to put down, look no further I m envious of all who haven t read this yet You ve got a plethora of delights ahead of you The only drawback now is..How long do I have to wait for the next Kiki Archer book

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    A lovely readLoved some of the characters in this story Have read it for a second time and still love it, only irritation the repetitive use of my wife but that could just be me

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    Good reading entertainment Not a lot of sapphic sex But it does have a on the edge of your seat kind of finish Plus the HEA ending

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    This is the second book I have read of Kiki s The first one was very recently recommended to me, lost in the starlight Perhaps its not fair that I read that book first as this earlier one does not compare But also if every book was a carbon copy it would be so boring and I would be complaining about that Its just my personal view but I just did not take to the characters, and I even found the lead character Andi, a gay marriage activist, very irritating and did not seem to have much redeeming factors At one point I had sympathy for the cheating wife I m not a fan of reading about infidelity I do recommend this author for being able to write and convey a story well For a fantastic read check out her latest book lost in starlight , I laughed my socks off.

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    different from her other stories.I had this book on my to read pile for quite awhile before I read it This story is very different from Kiki Archer s other books Not to say that s bad It s actually quite good There were so many twist and turns in this book, that I started to wonder if I was reading a mystery I almost dreaded what I might find in the end as I read it I shouldn t have worried Kiki s other books are a little formalistic, which I m totally OK with because that makes them dependable But this book really showed me how masterful Kiki can be when it comes to writing characters and their stories Off the beaten path, but well worth the read.

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    My first and favourite Kiki Archer, though I m not yet through with her work.The two main characters are very likeable like actually all of Kiki s characters I ve read about so far , and it does not take long at all that you want those two to get together Of course, why else would you read a romance novel, you want a happy end But Ms Archer takes her time and you are grateful for that, because that s highly erotic And of course you keep laughing your bum off throughout the whole book, because story, characters and dialogues are simply f funny.

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    I didn t know what to expect from Kiki Archer s third book, although I had enjoyed her other two immensely, I knew this wasn t the third in a series It was so different in content, although the love story theme was always present, it was set in a world of pressure group and high finance I wish I knew how Kiki Archer developed her characters, so that we care about the good ones, and despise the bad ones Plus, in this book, a little bit of a whodunit.always a bonus Well done Kiki Keep them coming

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    I was eyerolling and ranting about this Why are they acting like that Very non believable characters after a certain point view spoiler Pet peeve When characters just decide to have kids out of the blue, while they are obviously failing to communicate with their partner who might not want that but they just go ahead and decide that it s cool to start a family HOLY CRAP WHY hide spoiler

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    This is definitely a page turner I started today and couldn t put it down until I was finished Archer captures you from the very beginning I loved the simultaneous storytelling from different character views There are twits and turns throughout Some are expected, but most were surprising I also love the fact that Archer uses the fight for gay rights as a part of this story It s amazing and I definitely recommend it Oh and love the cover btw lol.

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