His Leading Lady (Silver Springs Contemporary, #4)

His Leading Lady (Silver Springs Contemporary, #4) After Suffering A Personal Crisis, High Powered Attorney Jen Kramer Comes To Montana For A Much Needed Break While Recuperating, She Does A Bit Of Self Evaluation And Discovers That She S Missed The Proverbial Boat She S Forty, Unmarried, And Childless, And Toils In A Less Than Savory Career When She Volunteers To Teach A High School Drama Class, The Experience Unearths Long Buried Joy And Unrealized Talent Periodic Run Ins With The Handsome, Single Dad Of One Of Her Students, As Well As His Adorable Children, Further Knock Her Off Balance As She Gets To Know Dan And His Family, She Falls In Love With Each Of Them And Finds Healing From Her Turbulent Past Might They Be The Balm To An Otherwise Disappointing Future, As Well Dan Edwards Is Instantly Wary Of The Beautiful Drama Teacher His Daughter Idolizes She Reminds Him Way Too Much Of His Ex Wife One Flighty Woman Interested In Her Career Than Her Own Family Was Plenty He Doesn T Plan To Make That Mistake Again But, Jen Kramer Is Much Than She Appears She Soon Earns His Respect And Wins The Affections Of His Children, Though He S Convinced She Couldn T Possibly Remain Content For Long In A Small Town Like Silver Springs But If She Goes, Will Any Of Them Recover From The Broken Hearts She Ll Leave Behind

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    Once again Gina captured me and I couldn t put it down.

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