A Gap Through Midnight (Cracks in the Sky, #3)

A Gap Through Midnight (Cracks in the Sky, #3) In This Terrifying Tale Of Urban HorrorThe Boys Play The Same Game Every Night A Treasure Hunt Through The Dark And Deserted Urban Streets Of Their Neighborhood Guided By Satellite Signals And Internet Clues Towards Imagined Treasures Each Trip They Find New Short Cuts, New Paths Through The Dark, Ever Invisible By Daylight Until One Night They Find A Path That Shouldn T Exist, To A Place Between Here And There A Place Where The World Twists Itself Into Knots Of Agony, And Horror Abounds.

About the Author: Ryan Notch

www.areographers.comOr see a trailor for his feature length horror movie at

10 thoughts on “A Gap Through Midnight (Cracks in the Sky, #3)

  1. says:

    This wasn t as scary as I thought it would be, but it was still a pretty good read I ll definitely be thinking of this the next time I go geocaching.

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