Practical Programming in Tcl & Tk

Practical Programming in Tcl & Tk This Is A Practical, Comprehensive Tutorial For Programming In The Tcl Scripting Language And The Tk X Toolkit That Is Based On Tcl This Provides A Motif Like Look And Feel Without Much Of Motif S Complexity The Book Provides An Introduction To Tcl Programming, Including Tips On Problem Areas And Strategies For Effective Use Of The Language The Examples Demonstrate How To Use The Toolkit Features, And Are Useful In Their Own Right For Programmers Constructing New Applications The Use Of X Resources Is Explained In Detail, And All Code Is Provided, Both In Text And On A Floppy Disk Containing Files In UNIX Tar Format.

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    Very good book introducing tcl and tk, its style is soo simple and clear, i really liked the book.I didn t read all the chapters, just the important ones to put me on track and start developing tk ui using tcl.

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