Undeniable (Jess & Robin, #1)

Undeniable (Jess & Robin, #1) Jessica Harrison, A Brilliant And Determined Junior Partner At A Prestigious Florida Law Firm, Rose Rapidly To The Top Of Her Profession Although Emotionally Hardened By A Past Betrayal, She Unexpectedly Finds Friendship, And Then Something , With A Promising Young Associate Newly Hired At The Law Firm.Robin Wilson, Who Is Haunted Herself By A Tragic Event In Her Past, Touches Something Deep Within The Junior Partner Through Their Close Working Relationship, She Finds Comfort She Never Knew Could Exist.With Gentle Understanding, Sprinkled With Liberal Amounts Of Humor, The Two Women Form A Bond That Strengthens With Each Passing Day Until One Indescribable Moment When They Find That Their Growing Physical And Emotional Attraction To One Another Simply Undeniable.

10 thoughts on “Undeniable (Jess & Robin, #1)

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    The story reminds me of the Dar and Kerry books by Melissa Good It s not quite that good but the characters have promise and I will certainly try the next book in the series.I nearly gave the book 4 stars but I felt I didn t get a full picture of the two main characters The author didn t tell me en...

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    I like a build up, but this is a little too slow for my tastes.

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    3.5 Stars

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