The Bright Side - Tell It To The Marines, Vol II

The Bright Side - Tell It To The Marines, Vol II One Just Had To Look On The Bright Side, Or There Was Precious Little Else To Look At Robert Carr Leads Us Through Another Lively Journey, This Time With 40 Commando, Royal Marines During This Tale We Learn Of Charlie Company S Exploits In Singapore And The Far East In All It S Wondrous Glory And The Emotional Journey Some Marines Faced Carr S Own Experiences Are Reflected Within This Story With Detail And Feeling The Readers Will Be Able To Feel Themselves Within The Company The Bright Side Tells Of The Other Side Of Marine Life The Everyday Goings On In And Out Of The Barracks Teases Tears And Laughter From The Reader, Along With An Understanding Of The Life While Serving As A Marine Carr Manages To Relay His Own Studies And Hold A Tribute And A Salute To The Comrades He Once Knew, And All Those To Come.

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    one just had to look on The Bright Side, or there was precious little else to look at Robert Carr leads us through another lively journey, this time with 40 Commando, Royal Marines During this tale we learn of Charlie Company s exploits in Singapore and the Far East in all it s wondrous glory and the emotional journey some marines faced Carr s own experiences are reflected within this story with detail and feeling the readers will be able to feel themselves within the company The Bright Side tells of the other s...

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