Mercy Bound

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    3 Shortie StarsThis was a hot little PNR read Perfect for when you are in the mood for that Or if you need to burn 30 minutes of your work day Or you are stuck in line at the DMV Or you are going to the bathroom.

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    I need to figure out how to land an Alanten The storyThe setting is an infirmary on a spaceship, somewhere in the galaxy Mercy, and two Alanten warriors, Dray and his brother Conrad are waiting for the doctor s arrival, pretty impatiently When that doctor comes back, I m gonna kill him Dray has suffered a serious injury, and the doctor mistakenly believes he is human, and treats him with a medicine that has a side effect for Alantens, namely it triggers mating heat It is fatal for Dray if he can t find a suitable mate.There is no other female on the ship, only Mercy Mercy has no intention of letting him die, and they have been secretly in love with each other for ages.My ThoughtsDespite its shortness, the story is quite detailed from the small details about their childhood and life, thr...

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    In a galaxy far far away, a human form alien and his entirely human best friend get down and dirty together in a quest to save his life When we find a potential mate, a female who makes us feel certain things, we bite her Bit on the short side but delivers on the steam.

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    4 Solid Stars Fun, witty, steamylots of story in a small package This is the way you write a short story From page one I was hooked, and by page two I was invested in the characters and wanted to know what they were all about Orphaned at a young age, Dray and Conrad are Alantens warriors, they look human, but they re not They were rescued by Mercy Walsh s father, a bounty hunter who found them on the planet Jasper after their parents were killed while they all were fighting in a battle to free slaves Over the years Dray was honor bound to Mercy s father and now that he s passed, this proud warrior will do anything and everything to keep Mercy safe Mercy doesn t think she needs protecting and Dray s acts of heroism are getting on her nerves She s been in love with him since the day she met him, and he loves her too However, he keeps his distance, because she s human, and he feels it s best to keep their relationship strictly bounty hunter business That is, until he receives a new treatment meant for humans for his latest injury and it triggers the mating heat HOLY CRAP You ll have to read it to find out happens There is some sssssscorchin hot, passionate sex, but it didn t not consume the story, it was balanced perfectly It had a little bit of everything, funny dialogue, passi...

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    I m claiming licking rights on all Alanten sNow I m not a hotdog sort of girl, but lunchtime today I found myself eating one whilst reading this super quick, sexy Alantenquickie about 50 pages.Whether it was the book or the hotdog Let s j...

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    Mercy Bound is a quick hot read set in a world with spaceships, interstellar travel, and a warrior race from the planet Alanta The main characters are Dray, an Alanten, and Mercy, a human woman, who ve known and wanted each other for years This is the story of them getting what they want A careless doctor gave Dray medicine that triggered his mating heat It was dangerous for Dray because for Alantens that ge...

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    You know what makes me happy And chocolate DUH I admit, I may be a wee bit obsessed But who cares Nobody gets hurt Except my diet In this case, this story was the perfect bite to soothe my hunger until I find something fleshed and lengthy in the genre It was just what I needed It was fun, sweet and adorably romantic It s a pity it s so short Good characters Plot not too deep but popcorn worthy And the fuzzies were splashed in every page.I enjoyed it very much and it reminded me I should read of Kele Moon s books, like asap.Her writing was fast paced and she absolutely absorbs your attention.BluuuurbMercy s father rescued and adopted two Atlantan brothers, Dray and Conrad They grow up together and stay together as a family even after Mercy s father passes away Mercy is totally smitten with Dray and Dray does his best to put a distance and shut down any emotions related to his attraction to Mercy He promised to protect her, even from himself ...

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    This was a really quick read from author Kele Moon I enjoyed it, especially when I had just read a ton of heavy reads, this was a welcome change.Mercy, Dray and his brother Conrad have known each other most of their lives.Conrad and Dray are Atlantan warriors and were adopted by Mercy s father when their own parents were killed Atlantan warriors seem to be from a different planet and are a different genetic makeup from humans, though look mostly human Mercy is human and has been in love with Dray for as long as she can remember Dray has also felt that Mercy was his mate, but because of a promise he made to her father feels he can never act on his feelings without breaking that promise.Things change when Dray is injured and the medicine that the doctor administers to him throws him into hea...

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    I didn t particularly enjoy this book as I think it should have been a full length book rather then a short story I needed to know about the characters their relationship, job, background, alien species and the world this story is set in I needed than what this book gave me.

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    MERCY BOUND is a sci fi short story that was originally written for the Something Wicked Comes This Way anthology and is now being released as a single title It is about bounty hunter named Mercy and her two best friends, Dray and Conrad They are brothers and Alanten warriors, but Mercy has always loved Dray When Dray is seriously injured and takes medication that supposedly pushes him into his mating heat, Dray is gravely concerned for his well being The mating heat for their kind requires time and preparation But because of his injury, Dray has no time before his body needs relief This is where Mercy steps in, not just as a best friend, but now as a potential lover The stakes are high, but Mercy isn t willing to just let the man she loves suffer.Conrad, Dray s brother is quite involved in this story He tries to warn Mercy off Dray and I liked their interaction Howe...

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