Broken Silence

Broken Silence Before His Death, Ivan Biermann Tells His Granddaughter Kim About His Arrival In New Zealand As A Pilot From A German Raider In The Last Days Of World War Two Mysterious Containers Were Unloaded In Fiordland Before His Ship Was Sunk Even After Sixty Five Years, Danger Still Lurks For Kim As Terrorists Are Also Interested In Finding Ivan S Secrets And Will Stop At Nothing To Obtain Them.

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    The first part of this book after a short prologue is set in 1945 at the very end of WWII Then it jumps to present day I enjoyed the historical portion, but felt that the modern part was over the top.Overall it was very readable, but could definitely use a copy editor One character in the 1945 section was introduced as Sally, but later on referred to as Susan with nothing to indicate that she was supposed to have two names It made it sound as though someone new was involved, but further reading showe...

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