The Book Of Riley ~ Books 1-4

The Book Of Riley ~ Books 1-4 Download The Book Of Riley Books 1 4 Author Mark Tufo When The Zombie Apocalypse Strikes Without Warning The Fearless American Bulldog Riley Quickly Discovered That It Was Up To Her To Keep The Pack Safe Together With Yorkshire Terrier Ben Ben And Former Archenemy Patches The Cat, Riley Struggles To Keep The Zombies At Bay While Helping Her Favorite Human, Jessie, As They Travel Cross Country They Are A Rag Tag Group Of Survivors, Who, When Pushed To The Limit, Realize That They Are All Each Other Has Books 1 4 A Bonus Short Story Pulse

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    What could be worse for Riley than facing a zombie apocalypse Well, facing it with an incontinent, timid Yorkie called BenBen and a supercilious, devious cat called Patches and her two legged pack mates to look after But then Riley is a 90lb female American Bulldog and she s got a big advantage over zombies a bigger biteI started these books last night and can t put them down If you like dogs even if zombies aren t your thing you will love these books This is life from a dog s pov, and it s brilliantly done, genuinely funny, sad and exciting all at the same time As always, I ll update when ...

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    I have such mixed feelings about this book On one end, I loved the premise Mark Tufo captures the inner world of dogs and one cat so amusingly well It takes a slight effort for you to translate doggie speak i.e metal bees bullets, wheelers cars, viewers windows, etc , but once you get the hang of it, the book becomes ever so endearing The Book of Riley is much like Homeward Bound meets the Walking Dead My problem with the book is that it is often times too simplistic in style, syntax, and plot the last 100 pages give or take of the series seemed rushed and full of conveniences While I absolutely loved the animal banter and perspective which was almost perfect , the human centered sections fell flat and predictable The book s flow was askew at times I will say that Tufo does a very good job at throwing little curve...

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    Amazingly wonderful great box setI loved the books 1 4 and i cant wait to read book number five OMG I couldn t put my phone down I truly hope that other people get these books U will not be disappointed Trust me when I say u will be hooked.lots of love.

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    The Book of Riley 1 4Another amazing story from Mark Tufo Easily my new favorite author Tufo creates characters that truly live and has done so once again with Riley.

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    Very good read, abit strange at first coming from dogs point of view but still very enjoyable.

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    Wonderfully written I didn t think that I would enjoy a book written from the aspect of a dog, but I should have taken into account, WHO wrote the book It is another awesome book written by Mr.Tufo I loved reading from the aspect of the animals and I sometimes forgot that I was reading from the dogs aspect Riley and Patches were so protective and caring that it was like they were people I was reading about and not animals I wish that I knew...

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    Great addition or stand alone series Mark Tufo had developed his characters in such a way that I become attached to them and anxiously await the next book in each of the series I have read thus far I will eventually get to all of them, but so far, I have never been disappointed in the action, the humor and his skill at telling the stories We personally share a lot in commo...

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    Best book ever, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and every emotion inbetween but I soooooooooo love this book the ending made me sad though this author is amazing and so is his series of books, but he pulls on my heart strings too much.

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