Foster Parenting Step-by-Step

Foster Parenting Step-by-Step My Mama, She Is Supposed To Take Care Of Me, That Is Her Job, Not You, I Guess She Just Don T Care When Parents Decide To Foster, They Are Faced With Many Difficult Decisions, Dilemmas And Questions How Do You Navigate The Daily Struggles Of Foster Parenting How Can You Nurture Bonds With Your Foster Child Who Is Angry, Sad, And Defiant How Can You Prepare To Step Back When It S Time To Let Go Foster Parenting Step By Step Is A Concise, Realistic How To Guide To Fostering That Summarizes What To Expect As A Foster Parent, And Gives Hope And Immediate Hands On Solutions It Guides You Through The Different Stages Of A Fostering Relationship, Including Common Issues Encountered At Each Age And How To Tackle Them It Also Explains The Impact Of Trauma On Your Child How This Can Show Itself Through Challenging Behavior And How To Respond To It This Is A Book Will Empower Fostering Parents With The Skills And Knowledge To Be Successful In Their Parenting And To Give The Children They Care For The Best Possible Opportunities In Life It Will Be Invaluable Not Just To Foster Parents But Also To Those Professionals Supporting Foster Placements.

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    Didn t rate this very highly Helpful perhaps as an introduction glossary on some of the relevant issues The author flitted between data based analysis and her own personal views without clarifying which was which The use of data was dubious to say the least, and I kept doing double takes to check I had read correctly E.g p127 An interesting studyshowed that only 12 18 months after leaving the foster care system of every ten homeless people, three were adults who had been in foster care as children this just makes no sense as a full sentence in relation to the 12 18 month figure above almost two thirds of males and one tenth of female adults were incarcerated barely three months after being released from the foster care system again, the author referred to 12 ...

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    The disorganized writing and poor editing make this book difficult to follow A lot of the terminology and information seems outdated.

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