How to Read a Poem

How to Read a Poem KINDLE How To Read A Poem Author Tania Runyan How To Read A Poem A Lot Of Books Want To Teach You Just That How Is This One Different Think Of It Less As An Instructional Book And As An Invitation For The Reader New To Poetry, This Guide Will Open Your Senses To The Combined Craft And Magic Known As Poems For The Well Versed, If You Will, This Book Might Make You Fall In Love Again How To Read A Poem Uses Images Like The Mouse, The Hive, The Switch From The Billy Collins Poem Introduction To Poetry To Guide Readers Into New Ways Of Understanding Poems Excellent Teaching Tool Anthology Included.

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    PopSugar 16 21 Book recommended by a family member.When I was younger, I often had those Anne of Green Gables moments of delight while discovering some new book, music, author, idea It happens much less frequently now Perhaps life gets in the way As I m writing this, my son has interrupted me several times, my words and thoughts flying away each time Regardless of the whys, there are only two times in recent memory when I felt that bubbly, joyful, thankful feeling Once, while listening to John Darnielle speak at the 2016 Festival of Faith and Writing And once while reading this book.I was lucky enough to attend an evening class in which Tania Runyan lead us through her first chapter The crowd was fairly diverse in age, education level, and familiarity with poetry I was pleased with how nearly everyone at some point in the class shared a thought or feeling That gathering certainly primed me for the reading of this book.The book is slim, a conversation between Runyan and the reader She writes in the Introduction, Think of the book less as an instructional book and as an invitation For the reader new to poetry, this guide will open your senses to the combined craft and magic known as

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    Very good book about how to read a poem It gives several easy techniques to follow I took notes and am practicing the techniques It is not technical at all Excellent for the lay reader and student of poetry.

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    This guide makes reading a poem accessible to anyone I appreciate the anthology and prompts, both as a reader and as someone who will be using this to teach teenagers.

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    My students in American Poetry adored this little book they kept referring to it all semester as we read our way through American poetry.

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    I wish they d had this book when I was an English Major I learned so much about poetry from this slim, deceptively simple volume.

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    Poems are meant to be savored and experienced Not tied to a chair nor beaten up with a hose.

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    I use this book in my Introduction to Creative Writing class A lot of information in a very small volume and I can easily justify the cost to students.

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