Your Next President!

Your Next President! Epub Your Next President Author Eddie Cantor This Book Is Just The Medicine That We All Need To Prevent Us From Taking The Campaign Too Seriously It Is Told With That Same Uproarious Humor Which Made Caught Short And Yoo Hoo Prosperity The Big Laugh Hits They Were We Are Perfectly Safe In Guaranteeing A Laugh To A Paragraph And They Are Short Paragraphs.Read This Book And You Ll LAUGH YOURSELF OUT OF THE DEPRESSION.Hear Eddie Cantor Defending His Administration To A Big Meeting Of Bankers In The Grand Hall Of The Mills Hotel In New York And You Ll LAUGH YOURSELF OUT OF THE DEPRESSION.

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    The 1932 American Presidential campaign was set against the background of the great depression Eddie Cantor therefore used this theme, along with some emphasis on prohibition, in his spoof election addresses and promises He states he was not running for any selfish purpose, but as a true patriot in response to the urgent call of the people On meeting with the incumbent president he told him that his campaign slogan was Come in and eat Hoover enquired, rather bemused, Come in and eat To which Cantor replied, I don t mind if I do And there are many jokes like that in a most amusing little book.Cantor never mentioned his party, the nearest he got was to say Outside of the Republicans, Democrats and Independents, the country is overwhelmingly for Cantor And he finishes with Anyway, whether I m elected or not, I m starting right now to holler for a recount For the record, he did not get elected recount or no but Hoover, repeatedly blamed for the Depression and worse...

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