Energy Suckers-How To Deal With Bullies in the Workplace

Energy Suckers-How To Deal With Bullies in the Workplace PDF Epub Energy Suckers How To Deal With Bullies In The Workplace By Barbara Bartlein The Work World Is Full Of Bullies Who Criticize, Blame, Intimidate, And Humiliate Others In A Study Of U.S Workers, 41% Reported Experiencing Psychological Aggression At Work In The Last Year Bullying Occurs In Every Industry And Every Profession It Is Estimates That Than Two Million Professionals And Managers Are Pushed Out Of Their Jobs Each Year By Bullying This Comes At A Cost To Employers Of 64 Billion A Year Decreased Productivity, Absenteeism, Low Morale And Teamwork Are All Outcomes Of A Toxic Work Culture In Energy Suckers, Barbara Bartlein Gives You The Tools To Address Workplace Bullying In Your Organizations And Energy Suckers In Your Life She Shows You How To Take Charge With The Seven Types Of Bullies And How You Can Handle Them How You Can Defuse And Prevent Bullying From Happening What You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Becoming A Target How To Create A High Performing Workplace Based On Respect And Civility.

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    interesting Interesting to learn of the 7 bullying types I m left with the feeling that unless a workplace has a clearcut policy about bullying , not much besides leaving can be done.

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