The Marketing Code

The Marketing Code PDF The Marketing Code By Stephen Brown Akin To The DaVinci Code, This Gripping Thriller Morphs The Dark Intrigue Of The Renaissance Into Today S Double Dealing World Of Commerce To Show That In The Business World, Sometimes You Have To Kill To Make A Killing Revealing The Secrets Of 21st Century Marketing Becomes The Ultimate Quest In This Thrilling Story Rejecting Marketing S Past Principles, This Book Offers New Direction And Instructs Marketers To See Beyond The Smokescreen Of Customer First, Customer Focused Cliches Currently In Use And Offers Guidelines Appropriate For Today S Fast Moving, High Tech World Unlike Any Other Marketing Book, This Entertaining Interpretation Of Ideology Is Also A Credible Educational Tool.

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    A marketing thriller This book is like one of those marketing fads An interesting idea but will it catch on I absolutely dig that SA chapter where the Brady Bunch were cooking up fad marketing terms for sale And the acronyms Hilarious It s a reflection of how ridiculous marketing is getting these days.But this book wasn t just a rip roaring yarn with some marketing theory thrown in It actually got me thinking.For instance, the book made me realise that all these marketing techniques are consumer oriented What if it s the wrong way to go The marketers who have failed, are said to fail because they didn t follow marketing theory to the letter Is this really true The other thing was and this, I thought was utterly insidious was when the Phllips character said If 99% of the world s marketers accept what the textbooks tell them, then the remaining 1% is in a highly advan...

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    Got my attention because of the back flip The marketing behind da vinci code Sounded good Turned out the by a da vinci kind of book with conspiracy, suspense etc. Not bad but not really what I excepted it to be The story got a bit...

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    Terrific fun and poor Dan Brown, But a little too sanguinary than the last

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