Programming Language Design Concepts

Programming Language Design Concepts Explains The Concepts Underlying Programming Languages, And Demonstrates How These Concepts Are Synthesized In The Major Paradigms Imperative, OO, Concurrent, Functional, Logic And With Recent Scripting Languages It Gives Greatest Prominence To The OO Paradigm Includes Numerous Examples Using C, Java And C As Exmplar Languages Additional Case Study Languages Python, Haskell, Prolog And Ada Extensive End Of Chapter Exercises With Sample Solutions On The Companion Web Site Deepens Study By Examining The Motivation Of Programming Languages Not Just Their Features

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    A decent introduction into how programming languages are set up Covers a lot of information about the conceptual building blocks of programming languages The case studies work well to show how those abstract topics translate into actual language features Would be even better withmodern examples Rust, Java 11, C 14 since a lot has changed.

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    Bought this book for my studies at Eindhoven University In contrast to some the other books I bought for the same reason, this one actually is a good read

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