Ecclesiastes (Geneva) (Geneva)

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    Ok, but Bridges is maybe a bitpious that Solomon.

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    After finishing a reading Ecclesiastes with a lot of questions, I picked up this commentary and read it as a devotional There were some helpful parts that answered questions I had The one that stands out the most is the interpretation of ch 12 silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken There were other difficult passages that I felt like the commentary was just handwaving and Solomon s real point and meaning weren t being addressed.

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    Charles Bridges is one of my favorite theologians He is engaging, easy to follow though I check the dictionary for many words that are gone from our language today This is a wonderful story of a man who had everything, who fills himself with pleasure of every kind and then, in old age, comes back to.only God.

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    Third time in the last thirty years.Always refreshing in full of things that I like to write down A book of the Bible that s passed over much.In our age of THINGS and Selfisms..whats needed is to get back to the beginnings.GOD Holiness which no man will see the Lord without.

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    An excellent and thought provoking commentary on the sometimes hard to understand Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes by a 19th century minister Also works well to read through like a devotional See my review of this same author s book on Proverbs.

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    Another small but valuable book Focus is on what Ecclesiastes has to say to the church There are some weaknesses, and a too quick to jump to Christ instead of what the book said to the Old Covenant church first.

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    Sorta good.

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