Better Off Dead: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Canadian Armed Forces

Better Off Dead: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Canadian Armed Forces Fred Doucette Always Wanted To Be A Soldier In The S He Joined The Canadian Armed Forces And Served In Cyprus In The S And S And Bosnia In The S When He Returned Home To New Brunswick In After His Last Overseas Tour, He Was Diagnosed With Severe Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Eventually Released From The Army, Fred Found A Position With The Operational Stress Injury Social Support OSISS Program, Where He Supported Serving Soldiers And Veterans For Ten Years Better Off Dead Chronicles Fred S Efforts In Helping To Rehabilitate And Support Soldiers And Veterans Suffering From What The Military Terms Operational Stress Injuries We Meet Ted, Saved From A Suicide Attempt By A Timely Phone Call Bob, At Wit S End And Reluctantly Seeking Help To Overcome Severe PTSD Roger, Caught In A Cycle Of Violence And Drug And Alcohol Abuse And Jane, Diagnosed With PTSD After Having Been Sexually Assaulted While On A Tour Of Duty In Afghanistan These Accounts Are Raw, Desperate, And Often Angry, But As Doucette Shows, There Is Hope And Real Progress For Those Able To Obtain Proper Diagnosis And Treatment

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    certainly an eye opening book about PTSD in the Canadian Armed Forces and how the CAF turns a blind eye to it In straight forward language, the author himself a retired soldier and PTSD victim relates not only his own story, but those of many others that he has come into contact with in his ten years as an adviser to fellow victims.

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    Don t look here if you want an academic churn This is Fred Doucette s raw, firsthand account of his own PTSD diagnosis and some details of the many soldiers and veterans he s worked with as a peer support coordinator The systemic failures described in this book should make us angry and mobilized Bravo to this author

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    Great book, and I have to say that the title echoes what I have thought many times But with some help, things can always get better.

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    This should be mandatory reading for all CF members Thank you Fred for saying very simply what we as Canadians need to do to support our troops If only the military and Government could understand the message

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