A Simple Spell and the Dangers of Online Dating

A Simple Spell and the Dangers of Online Dating Everyone S Definition Of Normal Is Different For Amy, Magic And Solitude Were Just A Part Of Daily Life She Never Thought That Both Of Those Would Change Let Alone Because Of One Man.Modern Witches And The Things They Ll Do For Love Including No Less Than Three Murders And A Single Cursed Muffin.

10 thoughts on “A Simple Spell and the Dangers of Online Dating

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    A Simple Spell was a great story that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish I only wish it had been a little longer because I felt it was over way too quick not a complaint, just I enjoyed it so much I couldn t believe I had finished so quickly.

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    A Simple Spell is a great read It s got really compelling characters, the narration is excellent, and the book ends really well without leaving the reader hanging I just really enjoyed the book, it has definite re read ability, if that makes sense.

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    I ve been trying to think of a review for this book that would accurately encompass the range of emotion I felt when reading it But two weeks after finishing, I ve still got zippo So, I will use the best two words I know to describe this tome READ IT.

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    This book was on the short side, but intense and entertaining the whole way through I highly recommend it, honestly Quick, hard to put down weekend read with diverse, interesting characters.

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    I loved so many things about this book I think the part I liked the most was just what a natural part of our world the witches are It felt like my heart s home.

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