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City on Fire Ebook City On Fire Author Garth Risk Hallberg No Ltimo Dia De Dezembro De 1976, Nova Iorque Prepara Se Para Celebrar A Passagem De Ano Em Times Square, A Famosa Bola Cai Na Baixa, Os Antros Punk Explodem De Energia As Penthouses Da Zona Alta Da Cidade Iluminam Se Em Elegantes Festas Tem Ticas Sobre A Neve Que Cobre O Central Park Derrama Se O Sangue De Samantha Cicciaro Muitos Metros Acima, Na Varanda De Um Luxuoso Apartamento, D Se Um Encontro Improv Vel Entre Regan Hamilton Sweenie, Herdeira De Uma Enorme Fortuna, E Mercer Goodman, Um Professor Negro Rec M Chegado Do Interior Do Pa S A Uni Los Est William, Um Artista Pl Stico A Bra Os Com A Sua Arte E Os Seus Dem Nios Rotas Individuais Em Colis O, Que Nos Conduzem Aos Recantos Mais Solit Rios De Uma Cidade Perigosa, Selvagem, Beira Do Colapso Em Seu Redor, Gravitam Pessoas T O Diferentes Quanto Os Mundos Que Habitam Um Adolescente Suburbano Seduzido Por Manhattan, Um Financeiro Acossado, Um Jornalista Obcecado Com Uma Nica Hist Ria, Um Grupo Terrorista, E O Detetive Que Tenta Descobrir Quais S O As Liga Es De Cada Um Deles Ao Tiroteio No Central Park E Quando A Cidade Se Cobre De Negro No C Lebre Apag O De 13 De Julho De 1977, Estas Vidas Mergulham Numa Escurid O Da Qual Sair O Transformadas Para Sempre Uma Sinfonia Pica Um Romance Grandioso E Esmagador The New York Times T O Grande Quanto A Vida Washington Post Soberbo Booklist

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    Boy, I wanted to like this book.Garth Risk Hallberg is certainly a writer of exceptional promise and unmistakable ability There are passages in City On Fire that sublimely evoke New York City, portraying the Big Apple s magnetism and its monstrous shadow so effectively as to make it feel like you re walking the streets yourself The amount of detail conjured in these pages is frequently astonishing.And yet why Why must the writer tell us, for example, the relative size of an heirloom mattress and what it took to move it into an apartment years before Mr Hallberg does not know how much is too much 900 pages is a marvelous length, but no matter how artfully the words are assembled on them, they still need to convince the reader they are absolutely essential On this account, City On Fire fails miserably As a steak, the novel is riddled with gristle.Would this were the only problem But the novel is structured primarily as a limited omniscient, third person account from the perspective of its individual characters Try as he might, Mr Hallberg cannot inhabit his characters individually His diction is out of control So much so that, yes, I find the exclamation point necessary It s such a glaring problem, I m rather shocked it wasn t addressed further in editing On almost every page he...

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    for the most part, this book was totally worth 2 million dollars and it s definitely worth the cover price of 30.00 but damn it s hard to review at its most reductive, it s a multi viewpoint novel told from the perspective of several characters living in new york during 77, culminating in that summer s blackout it s a panoptic of the ultra wealthy and the squatters, the artists and musicians and revolutionaries, gay and straight, old and young, black and white and asian, uptown and downtown, police and criminals both white collar and otherwise , journalists and teachers, sex and drugs and rock and roll and on and etc the narrative axis around which the separate stories spiral out is the shooting of a teenage girl in central park on new years eve, but although that event does serve as an anchor, it s hardly the main focus this is not a mystery novel it s a sprawling, exciting puzzle whose individual stories interlock so tightly that it s impossible to discuss one part without having to discuss all the parts it s a little bit Infinite Jest, a little bit A Visit from the Goon Squad, a little bit jonathan dee, a little ...

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    Couldn t make it past the prologue Two characters took about 50 pages to move a Christmas tree across the crosswalk I don t care how big the buzz is life is too short.

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    HOW TO READ THIS BOOKAfter page 350 I decided to skip all the passages which bored the bejeesus out of me As there were quite a considerable number of those, getting through the next 550 pages became a whole lot easier, even occasionally enjoyable Even so, I feel like I need someone to come and defibrillate me HOISTED WITH HIS OWN PETARDOn page 617 we read She seemed to like exactly those things he found most irksome about The New York Review of Books its unapologetic boringness, its privileged hostility to privilege.This seems to describe perfectly the army of fans this novel has Let me run that by you again She seemed to like exactly those things he found most irksome about City on Fire its unapologetic boringness, its privileged hostility to privilege.Man, is this book unapologetically boring Fiction is sometimes described as life with the boring bits left out But the way to tell if you re reading literary fiction is that they stick all the boring bits back in Still, I got no one to blame but myself If I want plot I can reread Gone Girl, right.HOW BORING IS BORING For instance, the zine A bunch of the characters in the book are anar...

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    I can t, just can t read this any It is hanging over my head like Damocles sword Have read half but I just don t care enough about any of these characters to continue Yes, it is well written, but way to wordy and just not for me a good fit I am so darned relieved to be done.

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    Five reasons for 5 stars 1 I had read 177 pages of this physical heavy weight book I own it Then I saw that my library carried this audiobook it was change of plans Instantly I recognized Rebecca Lowman as one of the main narrators I began to melt into REBECCA LOWMAN BLISS Rebecca adds life to the language and brings the characters alive 2 Rebecca Lowman s voice is so sincere, warm, and realI m interested in anything she talks about It was because of Rebecca I experienced the lovely floaty feeling writing by Garth Risk Hallberg.3 I did float No, I wasn t on drugs.but you tell wouldn t float elevate in body and soul resting on the couch, eyes closed, being read to by this lovely voice I don t usually float when I m reading a novel.but the impossible happened During my walks , I couldn t float but this storytelling kept me interested walking imagining peacock feathers, Regan in costume and her outrageous mask for a gala, Charlie who is so deliciously in love with Sam..all of 17 years of his age, microphones, music, bartenders, Christmas lights, punks to love, 4 The short chapters helps makes this book inviting The letters in the book are what the author calls interludes having the physical book with the audio is a great combination and I got a kick with the graphics, artwork, and photosand reading the letters 5 New York City 70 s clubbing, guitars, buzz cut city on fire freedom dream...

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    City on Fire was marketed as one of the biggest book releases of 2015 Garth Risk Hallberg s 900 page debut novel, sold to the publisher for a whopping 2 million, has been likened to Donna Tartt s The Goldfinch and Jennifer Egan s A Visit from the Goon Squad And while I see the similarities, I think Hallberg s doesn t quite stack up to either of these novels.Let s disregard the fact that yes, this book is incredibly well written Hallberg understands language He writes with precision, with big ideas and at times even bigger words Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I have a fairly wide vocabulary Hallberg either is a walking dictionary, or had one at his side while writing this for there were dozens of occasions in which I had to stop and look up a word and as an avid reader, that doesn t happen too often I appreciated that, though when every single character has the author s vocabulary it drew me out of the story.Hallberg has a strong hold on the sentence But perhaps too strong I have to agree with another reviewer who said that she couldn t read without being aware of the author s presence While the story was engaging, it wasn t absorbing enough to forget that you are indeed reading a story, not experiencing it And what the two books I mentioned earlier did for me was deliver a book that was than a book they were experience...

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    I can already feel the sting from the glances of side eyed skepticism and even scepticism as I type this, that for 600 pages, anyway City on Fire, the massively hyped, crazy quilt pastiche of a doorstopper was this close to earning a spot on my imaginary Favorites shelf I was utterly enraptured by Garth Risk Hallberg s swirly, sweaty portrait of NYC in the mid to late 70 s Even with the pretentious slathering of the most obscure words of the English language, I flew through the pages as if they were popcorn buttered Even as Hallberg kept gumming up the works by rolling out character after character all interesting, if not likable into the fray, even as the forward flow of the narrative kept being hijacked by being shifted into reverse seemingly, at Hallberg s whim , even as I kept feeling Hallberg was liberally borrowing from the styles of Pulitzer Prize winners and NYC veterans Jennifer Egan, Donna Tartt, Don Delillo, Tom Wolfe to dangle as award bait, I still could not get enough of this novel.Then, at about the 60% mark, the bottom fell out.I can t quite pinpoint the reason why the book started tanking for me, but it seemed as if Hallberg was dithering about how to end the thing I never confused this for a mystery or thriller it s nothing of the sort, really , but each time he d hover close to a suitable climax and denouement, he d retrace his steps and rehash key plot points I m sure this is the tritest criticism ev...

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    I survived City on Fire No matter what else I read in 2016, I feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing this dense, sprawling, 900 page tome.For it is dense and sprawling Comparisons to Dickens and Pynchon and David Foster Wallace and hell, even Shakespeare, are apt The plot is so complicated it defies summary There is a punk group on a mission there is a rich family embroiled in a corruption scandal there is an honest cop close to retirement there are estranged lovers there is a girl who was shot there is an angry father there is a prodigal son and there is a journalist trying to uncover the truth And everything comes to a head during the July 1977 blackout in New York City.This is a novel so crammed with stuff that it took me a while before I started to like it Sure, my expectations had been raised because Garth Risk Hallberg had inspired a bidding war for this debut, ending up with a 2 million advance I know, it s crazy Also, I made the mistake of listening to this on audio, which I would not recommend because the print version makes better sense of all the ephemera and found objects, including letters and zines and diary entries.In short, I would recommend this novel if you like epic stories that make you work a little harder It s a book I will need to r...

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