Rocky Mountain Pursuit

Rocky Mountain Pursuit PDF Rocky Mountain Pursuit By Mary Alford IDENTITY CONFIDENTIALEveryone Believes Agent Jase Bradford Is Dead Everyone But Reyna Peterson Only He Can Protect Her Now That Someone Wants The Information Her CIA Husband Died To Secure As The One Member Of Their Spy Team Not Killed, Jase Must Remain In The Shadows Yet When Reyna Leads The Enemy Right To His Mountain Refuge And Blows His Cover, Jase Risks His Life For Hers As His Best Friend S Beautiful Widow Scales The Walls Around His Heart, Whether Out Of Loyalty Or Love, He Makes It His Duty To Secure Her Safety But When Their Pursuers Trap Them In The Snowy Colorado Mountains, Will It Become His Final Mission

About the Author: Mary Alford

MARY ALFORDwas inspired to become a writer after reading romantic suspense greats Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney Soon creating characters and throwing them into dangerous situations that test their faith came naturally for Mary In 2012 Mary entered the Speed Dating contest hosted by Love Inspired Suspense and later received the call Writing for Love Inspired Suspense has been a dream come

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    by Andrea Renee CoxRocky Mountain Pursuit by Mary Alford was an exciting adventure There s room for improvement on the pacing of the beginning of the romance and in the few lengthy let s chat about the past scenes that slowed down the core plot a little than I like in suspense The romance picked up beautifully, though, and was intertwined with bursts of action The suspense was woven in really well Just when I thought I had figured something out, it was spun o...

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    What a spectacular read This spine tingling suspense will take you from Texas to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in a spine tingling game of cat and mouse We are introduced to Dr Reyna Peterson and Jase Bradford who are two very complex characters Reyna was widowed 6 months ago when her husband, Eddie, was killed in the Middle East while serving his country She has received a letter her husband had written prior to his death that throws her life in turmoil and literally running for her life Jase Bradford died years ago when his elite Scorpion team was attacked, but Davis Sinclair was born Davis lives in the mountains of Colorado near the small town of Defiance Davis has a beautiful mountain home where he works with troubled young teens Davis rescues a young woman who s car has slid off the road and down the mountain side only to find out she s looking for Jase Bradford and realizes his cover is blown Trust is not in Jase s vocabulary There s only two people he trusts in this world and finds out one of them has been killed Reyna is so far out of her comfort zone that she has no real trust for anyone, but comes to realize quickly that she needs to trust someone to protect her She has come to Jase for answers , but when they are attacked b...

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    Fantastic Page Turner The suspense just kept building and kept me guessing I also loved the Inspirational line and how the characters kept seeking God to help them through the danger The characters seemed so real I hope I will get to read about these char...

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    If you like to read action packed, page turning, can t put this book down books, then you need to rush to your nearest bookstore or get on and buy Rocky Mountain Pursuit.Author, Mary Alford, has written a suspense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the end Although fiction, Rocky Mountain Pursuit is set in the midst of current events, making you realize this story could easily take place in today s time Almost every chapter contains a plot twister, and the end of each chapter is a cliff hanger, making you want to ignore family and friends until you finish the book And, of course, Ms Alford left the biggest plot twister to the very end.The two main characters, Jase and Reyna, will find a place in your heart from the very beginning You will hold your breath as they move from one danger to the next.The last piece of what makes this boo...

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    This is one of the BEST suspense books I ve read in a long time What I liked From the first page, Ms Alford captures your attention with a life threatening situation, and makes you love the main characters, Reyna and Jase, immediately That same love and concern Ms Alford garners in the beginning of the story grows stronger all the way to the climax at the end The suspense is thrilling, and keeps you on the edge of your seat I love the fact that Ms Alford s research must have been extensive because it shows in the way she handled complex situations that aren t common to most readers What I didn t like This might be a small complaint, but it seems unrealistic for Reyna and Jase to feel such a strong physical attraction for each other after meeting only two days before The reader can t help wondering if their attraction is because of the recent losses of the ones they loved and their desire for companionship.Over all I give this book five stars and would hav...

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    WHAT A RIDE Rocky Mountain Pursuit is one wild adrenaline rush through the snowy mountains of Colorado Nothing and no one are as they seem Those they thought they could trust may very well be the ones out to kill them Nowhere to turn, no place left to hide, and they wonder if they can even trust each other Secrets and lies have shaken them both With plenty of non stop action Mary Alford s latest novel is filled with spies, counter spies, double crosses, and secrets once though buried in the past If you ...

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    Rocky Mountain Pursuit, written by Mary Alford, is the first book I ve read by this author, but hopefully not my last I was excited to read this as soon as I read the blurb about the book This is a great story about a doctor, Reyna, who had been married to Eddie who was CIA, but he had been killed in the line of duty While Reyna knew he was CIA, she didn t know all that was involved in his assignments Unfortunately Reyna finds herself in the midst of being threatened with treason if she didn t give other CIA agents information they said her husband had illegally obtained This story is how she tries to clear her husbands namewill she be able to or is it an impossible task especially since she was a physician, not an agent Extremely suspenseful Great storyline I was gifted this book in ex...

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    Rocky Mountain Pursuit by Mary AlfordA loss of loved ones, a life ending threat, and a puzzle to solve draw Jase and Reyna together in a mind boggling need to survive How can they not get away from those who are following them with the goal of eliminating them A riveting suspense which leaves you reading it page after page in order to find out...

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    I was a lucky winner of this book here on Goodreads This was an excellent read that was hard to put down Could easily see this book being turned into a movie Looking forward to reading Mary Alford s books in the future

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    You can read my review in the Feb 2016 issue of RT Bookreviews magazine.

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